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I'm looking out my window at the shade garden with so many variations of green highlighted by a red japanese maple. Spring adds a whole new level of beauty to our amazing coast! I hope it inspires you to be out and about enjoying the sunshine and beauty.

Azalea Festival of Art-Denise Ortega is heading up the art event which will be held at the Manley Art Center. This will include an art sale of smaller pieces. If you are able, please consider donating the sale proceeds to us so this can be a small fundraiser. Also be sure to sign up to help with the event. 

Art on the Coast- Laura Brown is sponsoring an art festival August 6-7 at the Port of Brookings Harbor. For more information, you can contact her at esteslaura@gmail.com or call 720-320-0376.

Happenings at the Art Center- The classroom is a busy place with weekly groups, art talks, workshops and classes. As a member, please feel free to join the groups and any of the talks, workshops and classes. To join the Mudslingers, beginners will need to take the ceramics class (future dates TBD).

The bright, colorful classroom has been a real hit with everyone we've talked to, especially the lego drawer handles!. Now that we are enjoying warmer weather, the deck will be a wonderful outdoor space for all to enjoy.

Participation- I have said this many times and here I go again. Participation in a member run nonprofit art center includes volunteering. Art talks, classes, workshops and being able to show our work in the gallery are great percs to enjoy. We also rely on our members to help out and there are many ways you can do that. Please talk to our Director, Stacey Reynolds about what you can do to participate.

Chaney Delaire




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