E-News - May 2019
May brings several opportunities for celebration at National Heights. On Sunday, May 5 we will celebrate our new families on Family Dedication Day. If you have had a new addition to your family, contact Michelle Miller for information. On Sunday, May 12, we join with families around the country to celebrate the blessings of our moms. On Sunday, May 19, we celebrate our partnership with the other Baptist churches of the Greene County Baptist Association and receive our annual GCBA Mission Offering. That Sunday is also the kick-off event for the teachers and workers of our annual Vacation Bble School. Start praying for VBS scheduled this year for July 29 - August 2.

We have many reasons to celebrate at NHBC. I can't wait to see what God is going to do through you!

~Vaughn Weatherford
We’re excited to announce that National Heights is going to host an evening children’s camp this year called SMACK. It is a music and activity camp that will meet M-F on June 3-7 from 5:30-8:30 each evening. We’ll have a fun supper together, learn some songs and do some amazingly fun activities each night. On the last night of the camp, we will invite our parents and family to come back for the performance of our musical at 7:30.
This is for any child Pre-K to 6th grade and the cost is $25 per child. Registration is limited to 35 kids, so if you don’t register, you may not be able to attend! Those beyond 35 kids will be put on a waiting list. Tryouts for speaking parts in the musical will be held May 6 and 7, 5:30-7:00. If you are interested, pick up a registration form ASAP or go to www.nationalheights.org to fill out the form online.
Sunday, May 5
If you have a new addition to your family please contact Michelle Miller for information.
Sunday, May 19
Please inform the church office if you have a graduate this spring. We would also like a picture submitted by Wednesday, May 15 for our graduate video.
Men’s Prayer Breakfast
All men of National Heights are invited to a prayer breakfast Monday, May 6 @ 6:30 a.m. at Ziggy’s on N. Glenstone. Join us for a time of prayer before you start your day. 
   Women on Mission will meet on Tuesday, May 14 in fellowship hall at 9:30 a.m. The first portion of the meeting will be business led by Presidents Judy Divine and Doris Whitcher.
  Women are reminded to bring toiletry items for Safe to Sleep, a local program which provides homeless women a safe place to spend the night. Items needed are: Large bottles of shampoo, body wash, liquid soap, hair brushes, laundry detergent, packages of cracker snacks, and paper napkins. These items are most needed according to Kelly Harris, director of this program.
  At 10:15 the group will enjoy coffee/snacks/share time under direction of the hostesses for the day, Delores Thompson and Mona Elliot. The program will begin at about 10:45 and will be a Bible study led by Becky Bennett. Becky will be leading the women in a study, PRAYER: THE KEY TO A RICH LIFE. God’s plan for growth in the life of a Christian hinges on prayer. Come and participate in this study for a real, meaningful blessing. All women are invited to attend. The meeting concludes about 11:45.
BLESSING BOX UPDATE : May Collection Focus:  Chef Boyardee Meals, spaghetti, ravioli, etc.
Thank you for the many Bibles and New Testaments you have contributed toward the blessing box ministry. We are excited that so many have been given away. If you have others you can share, please put them in the blessing box wagon located outside the sanctuary. Most of all, please continue to pray for each person who is reached by these copies of God’s Word. Thank you!
~~Stepping Out Ministry Team

Thanks y’all and God bless you!!
Prime Timers
PRIME TIMERS - Prime Timers will meet Thursday, May 16 at 10:45 a.m. where we will take the bus to Maranatha Village. Upon arriving, a tour will be given of Maranatha’s newly remodeled rehabilitation center. After the tour a free luncheon will be provided. After lunch we will return to church.
~~Carl Rose
NAOMI KIRCHNER: Naomi is in second grade and attends the 1-2 Grade bible study class where John McGaughey and Kelsey Rummel are her teachers. Naomi loves to read and compose songs on the piano. One of her favorite colors is orange.
SIERRA DOMANSKI: Sierra is in 5th grade and attends the Flight 56 bible study class where Annette Enloe and Donna Moore are her teachers. Sierra enjoys running and playing baseball. Her favorite colors are blue, black, purple and pink. Please pray for Naomi and Sierra as they continue their new life in Christ.
Women on Mission will meet on Tuesday, May 28 in the church fellowship room at 9:30 a.m. The session begins with a time of prayer, the sharing of reports, and making business decisions. After the business session led by Judy Divine and Doris Whitcher, the group will enjoy a coffee/snack/share time from 10:15 with hostesses, Judy Divine and Marti Blattert.
Becky Bennett will be in charge of the program. The guest speaker will be Dr. Bob Perry, Director of Church Health, for Greene County Baptists. He will be sharing and explaining the new campaign, “Finish the Race.” This is a new challenge organized to commit to paying off the balance owed on our Greene County Baptist Association building by mid-February, 2020. The building is located at 834 West Battlefield. By paying it off a year early, we will save interest money that can be used elsewhere in spreading the gospel. Come and hear the ideas and details. Men and women are welcome to attend the meeting. We will close about 11:45 with no lunch being served.
Stepping Out Testimonies
Many of our membership are “stepping out” into the community. This focus each month will allow you to hear from them, know how you can pray for that outreach and perhaps be inspired to join in as well.

My participation in “Stepping Out” projects is done in my home in my spare time, and is only one step in the process of making children’s quilts for Newborns in Need. I sew together the pre-cut quilt tops, so I don’t see the finished quilt; but as I sew the colorful blocks, I try to visualize the reactions as the quilts and other lovely, warm items are received.
~~Mary McLemore
God has given each one of us many talents and the choice of how we use these talents. I have found that I receive a great blessing just doing things I enjoy at National Heights. Working on the flower committee, sewing for Newborns in Need, and helping Joshua with time-consuming tasks which frees him to focus on the music ministry, enabling all to enjoy the beautiful music in our services. We are so blessed to have the hard working staff and volunteers at National Heights. Many thanks for the opportunity to serve in small ways. So I say to each of you, come help do the Lord’s work, you too will be richly blessed.
~ ~Jan Watson
On Thursday, May 30, CARE AND SHARE MINISTRY to widows of our church community will gather for an informal sharing time at Golden Corral North at 11:15. This is a time of praying and sharing together. Visitors and new members are always welcome. If there are questions, please contact Phyllis Sanford or Mildred Burns.
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*Phyllis Sanford and family in their loss.
*Nancy Smith and family in the loss of her husband, Earl.
*Samantha Stone and Jennifer Klemme and family in the loss of their grandfather.


July 15-19 - BOYS CAMP
July 22-26 - GIRLS CAMP

Thursday, May 30
Cost is $5 which includes ticket and $5 Cardinal Bucks that can be used for food. Leave church at 5:15 p.m. and return around 10 p.m. Sign up deadline is Sunday, May 26.
YOUTH! Watch the Frequency for information about youth summer ministries and activities!
Dear National Heights Family ,
Thank you so much for the beautiful plant you sent for Wally’s service. I especially thank you for all the prayers and your amazing support through this very difficult time. 
 ~~Phyllis Sanford

Dear Church Family,
I want to thank everyone for your prayers for our family. We appreciate all the cards, calls, and Bro. Weatherford for his visits. NHBC is a caring church and Earl loved the years he spent in Sunday School and church.
~~The Smith Family

THANK YOU! Thanks to our generous church family for the canned goods and the paper products brought for Grand Oak Mission during the months of March and April. And, thanks to John McGaughey for delivery. They are always much appreciated by the Grand Oak workers who dispense them as well as the families who actually receive the items. 
~~Women on Mission

Dear Friends with National Heights Baptist Church:
Every day a new family walks onto the porch of the Ronald McDonald House for the first time. Whether it’s a mother who delivered her baby too soon or a family who just learned their child has a serious illness or injury, they know immediately the help of a hospital and dedicated medical professionals is needed. What they might not know is that they are soon to be embraced by many strangers who will provide support in countless ways.
Thank goodness for the many special friends who generously support our House. With the kindness of you and others we are able to make this House feel like a real home. And simply put, your donation of laundry detergent, Hot Cholate, K-Cups, toothpaste and magazines are each essential for any home, including our big House! Also, as always, we appreciate your continued support of our Pop Tab Program, to help our families even more! ... Sometimes in life it may be a perfect stranger that helps in the most unexpected moment. Thank you for being that someone.
~~Melanie Bare, Associate Program Manager, Ronald McDonald House of the Ozarks
May 20 is the deadline to have articles in for the June Newsletter . E-mail articles to: nhbc@nationalheights.org
Mildred Burns & Shirley Hargis
Patti Crocker & Jerry McCall
Elaine Thiessen & Janet Trewatha
Being “Active” at NHBC
NHBC has two very active Life Groups. Everyone is invited to come join in the fun and get some exercise at the same time.
Stretching with Scripture meets on Mondays @ 5:30 pm. We will be stretching to Christian music which will include scripture & prayer during class.
Pickleball meets on Tuesdays at 6:30 - 8:30 pm. All ages are encouraged to play!
Also, a ladies group on Fridays. Times vary. Interested, contact Karen Fielding.