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We're in the full swing of "Home Improvement Spring Fever"! For everyone with school age kids, Spring Break is over and the end of the school year is near. Most of you are probably planning your summer vacation. What better time to have your hardwood floors refinished or add new hardwoods! Summer time is the best time because you're already away for a few days which gives us the opportunity to make your floors like new and shine! Give us a call today, it couldn't be simpler, we arrive on time, measure the rooms and give you a FREE estimate! We look forward to speaking to you soon!

Michael Keroack 
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Buddy Wofford
I've been in home services since 2006. I've found there are still a few companies that are truly focused on their customers from the first phone call to the completion of their project. Some companies even go out of their way to help customer with products and services the don't even provide with great referrals. AHF is just that kind of company, customers and employees first! I am the General Sales Manger and that is my philosophy as well. Let us help you today!
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What are 2021 Hardwood Floor Stain and Color Trends

Overall, there is a shift towards darks and lights (yes, the two extremes), as well as cooler and browner tones. Redder and warmer tones are less popular and more polarizing.

Dark and cool toned hardwoods Yes, the trend towards darker colors keeps growing and growing. It has been on the rise for the last decade or so. We seem to find two types of customers:

1) Ones that prioritize style over maintenance and they tend to go darker and darker (these customers tend to be households without kids (either “pre-kids” or kids that have gone to college) or wealthier households that have extra help to keep the floors extra clean).

2) Those that absolutely love dark floors but want to go a bit lighter so that the floors are easier to maintain.

Either way, one thing is consistent: Cool tones are strongly preferred. There is a strong move away from warmer tones (e.g. reds, red/brown blends or yellow undertones) and a preference towards browns that are more pure and cooler (i.e no red undertones).

Cool tones are preferred both the walls (especially grays) and floors, and these work hand in hand together. I even see some customers blending in a touch of gray to the dark browns (both to lighten it a bit and to add coolness and depth to the color.

For those looking to go darker and darker, they are generally blending ebony/dark walnut (i.e. a 50/50 blend), ebony/jacobean or trying out the new true black. True Black is the newest stain from Duraseal, and as the name implies, it’s truly the blackest stain you can use – it’s more opaque for a darker look and more modern feel as it hides most of the graining you find in oak.
The picture above is True Black. It’s often a good solution if you find that you have a mixture of wood species in your home as it camouflages the differences more. But true black floors do show every bit of dust, so be aware of this.
Darker floors are a bit more challenging to clean and maintain. You may find this article I just wrote helpful: 10 tips to clean and maintain dark hardwood floors. For those looking to go dark, but a bit lighter (either due to preference or for easier maintenance), try dark walnut, antique brown, coffee brown or special walnut (or a blend of these).
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The floors look fabulous!
Did a great job and was a pleasure to work with Michael and his crew on this project. Should have had our floors redone years ago as the builder quality was no where near the work done this time. Night and day and look fantastic!

Jeff Johnson
Mike and his team did an amazing job taking out the tile in my kitchen and replacing it with hardwood! They worked quickly, kept me informed the entire time, and completed the job early. They also did a great job matching the existing hardwood in the rest of the house. Would absolutely recommend!

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