MAY, 2019


I just love how kids remind us all to lighten up and to enjoy the journey of life! Here is a video of kids enjoying the warm weather!

Photo by Maryann Lopinto.

I had such a blast performing in the Tomatoes Got Talent Competition in NYC! In all honesty, I really don't like competitions, but when my friend heard me sing one day, she said YOU HAVE TO AUDITION FOR THE TOMATOES GOT TALENT COMPETITION! SO I did... Needless to say I WON! You can watch my winning performance HERE
JOIN US in celebrating FLAG DAY! June, 14th 8:00PM
I am so excited to be sharing the stage again with Kenneth Gartman and Christopher Hudson Myers at the BJ Ryans Magnolia Room in Norwalk, CT! We performed together in our hit show " The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year " in December of last year. For tickets to our FLAG DAY SHOW, click HERE
I just recently finished reading this eye opening book written by the incredibly intelligent and insightful Jean Houston. Here's a bit from the back of the book. I HIGHLY recommend it if you or someone you know wants to awaken, step into their most highest selves and be of service during these times of great change.

"Answer the call to transform yourself and your world. The beloved story of The Wizard Of OZ has the power to reveal the Hero's Journey that awaits each of us. Through a mythic lens, discover how Dorothy's adventure in a magical land inspires our lives today, offering valuable tools to guide us through our challenging times. Where you will learn to thrive rather than merely survive".

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Connecting With Your Soul
Even with our crazy busy schedules, now more than ever, we still need to stay as connected as possible to our own calm, center. So I decided to create this short meditation in hopes that it may help you connect and still have time to tackle your TO DO LIST!

MY Story YouTube Video
Meeting composer David Friedman was a dream come true. Sometimes in life you are forced to "let go" and "surrender" HOW your dreams are going to happen. That is exactly what I did. To hear the WHOLE story, watch this YouTube video!!
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