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No Woo Woo. Just Science.
May 2021 By Narda G. Robinson, DO, DVM, MS, FAAMA
Hey MAV Grads -- This one's for you.
May's free download provides a reminder of what you loved most as a student in the Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians program, i.e., finding out how acupuncture works by learning facts and science.  

Stay tuned for more "cheat sheets" on acupuncture anatomy and research in the upcoming months. Can't wait? Join our Master Class to revel in acupuncture anatomy.
To realize your full medical acupuncture potential, you need to treat more than back pain. You have patients every day that could respond well to your science-based, rationally designed, neuromodulatory inputs. What are you waiting for?

Grab some needles, an electroacupuncture unit, and a photomedicine device. Let this month's CuraCore Academy Talks (CAT), invigorate your imagination and re-awaken your enthusiasm.
Welcome to Catupuncture™, our new, advanced certification pathway that sets a solid foundation in science-based integrative medicine for feline patients.

Refine your skills in the five methodologies that define cutting-edge PRIMA* practice -- medical acupuncture, photomedicine, medical massage, integrative rehabilitation, and critically-evaluated botanical medicine.

For the medical acupuncture portion, you'll work with your very own, very sophisticated feline animal model (her name is "MAVi"), included in your registration, along with color-coded pushpins for acupuncture point placement.

We also cover photomedicine physiology and treatments for cats, simple medical massage techniques, and botanical medicine pros and cons.

Interested in joining us? Register now. Open only to current students and graduates of the Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians program.

*PRIMA: The Pain, Rehabilitation, and Integrative Medicine Advantage™
In this month's Surviving Veterinary Medicine podcast, Dr. Narda Robinson interviews three women with wildlife careers: Dr. Lisa Wolfe, Dr. Jolynn Chappell, and Nancy Howard, former District Wildlife Manager in northern Colorado. Life's too short to be bored. Veterinary medicine makes room for those of us who refuse to stay inside.
Watch on YouTube or wherever you find your pods.
Classic Program

Online & Onsite

Over 140 hours of Core Curriculum online.
Plus 24 hours of onsite Clinical Intensive.

eMAV: Distance Learning

Online, Self-Paced, Optional Live Coaching

Over 140 hours of Core Curriculum online.
Plus 48 hours of distance-learning Clinical Intensive.

Enrollment Limited to MAV and eMAV Grads

Includes "MAVi cat" and color-coded pushpins.

Enjoy 45 hours of self-paced, interactive online learning and thought-provoking exercises.