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(Bartlett, IL USA) March 8, 2021 – Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs (MCSCC) announced today a relationship with one of grassroot motorsports largest brands and supporters, Mazda, to jointly support a new (SM2) class in the Midwest with additional support through the Mazda Motorsports Team Support Program (MTSP) membership for the five additional brands of MCSCC racing.
The partnership will allow competitors looking for a racing series where they can be in a competitive series in an affordable car, in a brands new class titled SM2. The purpose of this class is to showcase the ever-popular form of Spec Miata racing with cars that adhere to a common national competition ruleset yet have minor modifications that keep the competition costs down and closer together on the track.
The SM2 category will showcase the 1990-1993 1.6-liter (NA) Spec Miata’s running with a minimum weight of 2,275 lb and 1994-1997 NA 1.8-liter cars running with a minimum weight of 2,350 lb; each will run on any DOT tire that is a treadwear of 190 or higher. More details can be found here in the GCR of MCSCC.

The SM2 class will have a year-end championship prize fund for the top 4 finishers in the championship that will be broken down as follows: 1st place $625, 2nd place $375, 3rd place $215, 4th place $150, and continued support for MTSP members.
"After the great success of our partnership with Mazda at the Race to Save the Children event at Road America supporting their 2020 IMSA race weekend, we were looking to expand our relationship with Mazda. The new SM2 class allows us to expand with Mazda, and the inclusion into their Mazda Teams Program brings a new level of support to many of our racers. I am excited to see what this year brings, and where we can take the partnership in the future!" said David Wessel, MCSCC President.
A key component of this partnership involves not only the new SM2 class, but increased support for our National Spec Miata class with increased championship payouts for the year end for their top 4 finishers in the championship that will be broken down as follows: 1st place $500, 2nd place $300, 3rd place $175, 4th place $125, and continued parts support through the MTSP.
“Creating racing opportunities that provides a fantastic customer experience is not only a focus of ours, but the Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs.” commented David Cook, business development manager for Mazda Motorsports. “We are excited an organization of this caliber is building an NA-only series (SM2 class), in particular. We are looking forward to its growth as more racers recognize the opportunities.”
MTSP benefits: In addition to the SM2 and Spec Miata payouts for 2021, Mazda will also offer support through its MTSP for all level of Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs branded activities such as Wheel-to-Wheel Club Racing, Endurance Racing, Vintage Racing, HSAX (High Speed Autocross), HPDE, and Low-Speed Autocross including the series sanctioned by Madison Sports Car Club and Sports Car Club of Rockford. The MTSP is free to join and offers Mazda racers an array of perks and benefits, including special parts pricing, technical support, and contingencies found here. More information can be found on the Mazda Team Membership website.

Racing Season: The MCSCC racing season runs from the end of April to the end of October with the SM2 and Spec Miata classes racing at the following 2021 events: April 24-25 Blackhawk Farms Raceway “No Time To Spin” presented by Salt Creek Sports Car Club / Lakeshore Sports Car Club; May 29-30, Blackhawk Farms Raceway presented by Sports Car Club of Rockford; July 4-5, Blackhawk Farms Raceway 4th Annual Council Summer Classic presented by North Suburban Sports Car Club; August 28-29, Blackhawk Farms Raceway presented by Madison Sports Car Club / Lakeshore Sports Car Club; September 10-12, The Milwaukee Mile Road Racing Challenge at Wisconsin State Fair Park; and October 30-31 Blackhawk Farms Raceway The 51st running of “That Loooong Race” presented by Chicagoland Sports Car Club.

Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs: MCSCC’s a sanctioning body consisting of seven member clubs from around the Midwest, United States. Dating back to 1958, Midwestern Council has been providing racers a fun, safe, and competitive place for road racing. Today, we specialize in four major forms of motorsports, Wheel-to-Wheel Racing, Endurance Racing, HSAX (High Speed Autocross), and HPDE (High Performance Driving Education). These four different forms of motorsports allow us to get everyone from first time track goers to full competition racing holders. We are currently just over a 600-member that reaches members and guests from all over the United States.

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