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We've had a busy season across Toronto and Montreal running Service events:
  • Two Challah Bakes with Moishe House Toronto: One serving fresh baked challah to the Woodgreen Foundation's program for elder men transitioning out of homelessness, and one serving "Challahween" decorated challahs to Our Place's drop-in dinners for people living with mental illnesses.
  • A Youth Service night with the USY branch at Montreal's Congregation Shaarei Zion, baking brunch
    for the Native Friendship Centre and learning about hunger in Canada.
  • An end-of-year  fundraising Telethon with West Coast Connection.
And educational ones: 

Want to see MAZON Canada events in your city too, or run an event in your community?  Get in touch!

We make it easy to prepare for the holidays by keeping a  contact list and credit card on file for members of our Card List program . With no obligations, we'll contact you  few weeks before Purim, Passover, Rosh HaShanah or Chanukah with your recipient list in case of necessary changes and help you choose your per-card donation. Your cards are prepared for on-time arrival and your donation is feeding the hungry before you've even put together a to-do list for the rest of your holiday prep... No more "Oops, I forgot-" moments!

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Can you imagine tasting a sweet, bursting peach for the first time after a lifetime of cheap, plain toast and cereal?

The cost of fresh fruits and vegetables puts them out of reach for many families - which means there are children growing up right here in Canada who have never tasted many  kinds of fruit.

I Can For Kids is a Calgary-based MAZON Canada grantee that provides 3-day food packs to families of children in need in summer. During the year, these families rely on school breakfast and lunch programs to ensure their children can eat - but when summer holidays come, things get hard. Luckily, MAZON Canada and I Can For Kids are there:

"For the past three years, MAZON Canada has been committed to investing in IC4K's mission to end summer hunger in Calgary. Many kids faced with food insecurity may not always have access to fresh, in season fruit, and for some they tasted nectarines and peaches for the very first time this summer." - I Can For Kids

None of it is possible without our supporters - truly,  YOU are the Jewish Response to Hunger.  Your generosity supports food banks, school breakfast programs, hot meals at shelters, and other critical hunger-fighting projects across Canada and affects tens of thousands of people. Thank you. Watch out for our 2018 impact report email in early 2019!

To receive a 2018 tax receipt, make sure your gift is sent by Dec 31st (and postdated as such if you donate by mail).

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