Summer 2017
Welcome to the inaugural newsletter for the Maynor Biggers Artist Fund (MBAF)!
MBAF is a giving circle of Hampton University alumni that pools its resources to invest in artists and artist companies whose art advances social justice. The organization is a powerful example of what happens when artists, arts administrators, activists, and creatives come together to create the change they wish to see in traditional grant making practices. In our two years of operation, the four selected artists to whom we have awarded funds reflect our unwavering commitment to bold artistry, social justice, and philanthropy. 

MBAF is a vehicle for us to utilize our creative passions with an understanding that the artistic voice can address issues such as racism, sexism, and political differences in unique and insightful ways. While working together closely, we have renewed and formed new bonds with fellow alumni, and have heeded the call of Hampton University’s alma mater to "let our lives do the singing” years after our time spent at “Our Home by the Sea.” 
As MBAF continues to grow, our hope is that other Hamptonians, and those who are passionate about the arts and social justice in general, will feel inspired by our mission and will be compelled along with us to support the ultimate storytellers in our lives and communities...our artists.

Yours in arts and justice,
Nefertari Kirkman-Bey
Alison McNeil
Distinguished Members
Lakisha Clements
Courtney Davis
Alana Futrell
Stacey Gayle
Julian Miller
Distinguished Members
D'Sheka Perkins
Christina Porr
Natasha Smith
Tiffany Townsend
Curtis Young
2017 MBAF Award Recipients
  R. Kayeen Thomas
R. Kayeen Thomas is an author, director, playwright, and poet. 
With his 2017 MBAF award, Kayeen will finish his current short film “HOLY”, as well as a second short documentary entitled “Two Steps Back”, which focuses on the failures of integration. 
Ralston Smith
Ralston Smith is a documentary filmmaker and photographer committed to capturing the humanity of, and history created by, Black folks across the Diaspora. In 2017, Ralston will premiere an exhibition of his work. The MBAF award will help fund its marketing and production.
2016 MBAF Award Recipients
Ayanna Gregory
Singer, dramatist, educator, and activist Ayanna Gregory used her MBAF award to produce several powerful motivational performances for 8-12 year-old students in Jamaica in 2016.
Kimberly Townes
Filmmaker and Hampton alumna,  Kimberly Townes utilized her MBAF award to develop three documentary videos for's Black Girl Magic series, and further her outreach work with the PanAfrican Technical Association, exposing students to careers in S.T.E.A.M.
Ways to Support!
In order to support the impactful work of our talented MBAF artists/activists, we need your help! As an MBAF donor, your gift goes towards funding future artist awards and operating costs, and can be made by clicking  here
MBAF donations are 100% tax deductible, and automated tax receipts will be generated for donations over $250. Please include your mailing address so that you can receive your tax receipt. If you’ve donated less than $250 and want a tax receipt, please email your request to . (All membership fees and donations are submitted & maintained through the  Foundation of Philanthropic Funds.)
For any additional information, please contact us at

Save the Date! MBAF Reception 2017 @ 
Hampton University Homecoming!
On Friday, October 20, 2017 , at the
Hampton University Museum , during 
Hampton University Homecoming,
we will host a reception in celebration of 2017 MBAF award recipients, MBAF donors, and the Hampton Arts Community!

Save the date! More information to come!
Hope to see see you there!
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