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Scientists Continue to Tackle Endocrine Resistance in Metastatic Breast Cancer
By Joan Mancuso
Key Points:
* Despite the FDA's approval of several medications to treat endocrine   resistance in metastatic breast cancer, scientists persist in               examining other avenues of potential resistance, in order to 
 develop new drugs

* Researchers are conducting clinical trials that combine already-  approved medications as well as approved drugs and experimental compounds.

* Oncologists are optimizing treatments by how they sequence and combine existing medications to treat resistance.

Verdict Still Out on Loco-regional Therapy for De Novo Metastatic Breast Cancer

By Joan Mancuso
Key Points:
*Whether to treat de novo metastatic breast cancer patients with a lumpectomy/ mastectomy and radiation has now become controversial, as in the past, a breast tumor was never removed

*Some clinical trial results have been inconclusive about the benefits of loco-regional therapy to a patient's overall survival

*Oncologists await the results of the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group 2108 clinical trial as a potential tie-breaker about the benefit of loco-regional therapy



There are several ways to connect with another woman living with metastatic breast cancer.  Call our Helpline, call into a support group or attend one in person or participate in our on-line support services. Get information about your disease from top doctors.  Call us at 844-ASK-SHARE or CONNECT HERE

O, para hablar con una sobreviviente de cáncer de seno : (866) 891-2392
National Resource Guide
SHARE's Helpline has a national resource guide that is over 600 pages. Call us to get connected to what you need. 
As you already know, all current medications were once experimental drugs tested in clinical trials.  Today only 5% of adult cancer patients participate in clinical trials.  Many drugs don't make it to market because of poor clinical trial enrollment.  To learn about participating in clinical trials, check out Metastatic Trial Search:  For all clinical trials currently recruiting MBC patients: go  HERE

When searching trials for metastatic disease, check off your subtype and trials that you may be eligible for will be filtered. Please note there are also trials related to support and education, relationships, pain management as well as vaccines and immunotherapy. 

NBCC's Clinical Trial Partnerships for women living with metastatic disease: go  HERE


Upcoming Programs

Metastatic Breast Cancer Video/Phone Discussion Group: SCANXIETY

Join Julie Larson, LCSW and other women living with metastatic disease for a video/ phone discussion group about living with the constant anxiety that accompanies a MBC diagnosis and managing that anxiety around scan time. 

Thursday,  June 28, 2018
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Metastatic Breast Cancer Video/Phone Discussion Group: Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Julie Larson, LCSW will lead a discussion for women living with metastatic triple negative breast cancer in a video/ phone group.  Join the discussion from home about living with this specific subtype of MBC.  Meet others going through what you are going through. 

July 2018

Meet the Therapy Dogs

A modern take on coping mechanisms, this program will bring certified New York Therapy Animals to SHARE to help participants learn how effective therapy dogs are as stress relievers.

SHARE Main Office
165 West 46th Street, Suite 712

Monday, 16 July, 2018
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Report From ASCO Focusing On MBC

Dr. Mark Robson, MSKCC,  will fill us in on the latest research reported at the 2018 American Society of Clinical Oncology conference that focuses on metastatic breast cancer.  

Date: Monday, Aug 6, 2018
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm ET

Exercise for Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients

SHARE'S NY office is offering a gentle exercise class for those living with MBC each month.  

SHARE Main Office
165 West 46th Street, Suite 712

Descriptive Journaling

Join Sue McKellop, a certified "Journal to the Self" instructor, as she demonstrates the usefulness of journaling through challenges of diagnosis, treatment, and understanding one's new normal.

SHARE Main Office
165 West 46th Street, Suite 712

Monday,  May 21, 2018
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Report Back from SABCS 2017 on Metastatic Breast Cancer

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Role of CDK Inhibitors in the Treatment of Advanced Breast Cancer

Age Bias in Cancer Care

Disability Law and Metastatic Breast Cancer

Difficult Conversations: Bridging the Communication Gap with Your Oncologist

Report Back from ASCO on Metastatic Breast Cancer
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Finding Clinical Trials for Metastatic Breast Cancer
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Coming soon, you will be able to call the SHARE Helpline on Tuesdays from 10 AM-9 PM ET and speak immediately with a trained volunteer also living with MBC. 
9 Telephone Support Groups: Choose What Works for You
Connecting with others living with MBC can help you gather information about treatment, dealing with side effects and coping with the fear and anxiety that a metastatic diagnosis brings.  

SHARE offers 9 Telephone Support Group sessions each month in English and 1 in Spanish.  There are also 2 in-person sessions each month in our NYC office and now a group in CT too.    

A telephone group meets every Monday at 4 PM ET and the first four Thursdays of the month at 6 PM ET.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION
Calls to the metastatic helpline have increased significantly.  Due to this increase, we are in need of additional volunteers.   You can take calls in your home, on your time.  We provide training and support.  

We are also in need of co-facilitators for our telephone groups.  Training is also provided for this position.  


Call Christine:  212-937-5586
Email:  Christine