The blue dots are now 'down under'

November 2017
We're on the move...  

    We were surprised to see the My  Blue Dots 
on the airport bus window in 
Sydney, Australia

On the Move

My Blue Dots are on the move
And they are now 'down under' too.
With that non-verbal message that does say
I am "Standing here with you."

For cancer has no limits
And around the world it does go,
But as we all are standing together
Soon to cancer we'll all say "No."

So welcome Sydney to the My Blue Dots team
We are also Standing With You.
As you continue to support those 'down under'
Know we are supporting you too.

Sue McCollum
Sydney, Australia

Message from
               Sue McCollum

     On a recent visit to Australia, we were amazed to see our blue dots at the Sydney airport. Unfortunately, cancer has no boundaries so we welcome our 'down under' friends to the My Blue Dot world.

Cancer will be cured someday....and that day is coming soon.
                               Until Next Time...          

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