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Governor Signs Two MBI Policy Priorities

With strokes of Governor Branstad's pens, two of MBI's top policy priorities for 2017 came to fruition. SF 413, a reduction in the statute of repose and SF 438, prohibition on government-mandated Project Labor Agreements were signed into law on Thursday, April 13, 2017.

The signing of SF 413 brings to a close MBI's multi-year effort to reduce Iowa's longest in the nation statute of repose. Interestingly, during the signing ceremony for SF 413, a lobbyist with the Iowa Engineering Society brought with him a picture of when Governor Branstad first signed a limit on Iowa's statute of repose. This bill signing was back 30 years in 1987, in which the bill created the current 15-year statute of repose. A previous effort to establish a time limit occurred in 1980, only to fail subject to Governor Robert Ray's veto pen. A later effort to reduce from 15 years to 8 years happened in 2000 in which Governor Tom Vilsack also sided with the trial lawyers in favor of a veto.

This time, Governor Branstad, like he did 30 years previously, enthusiastically endorsed the reduction.

Another bill that brought to a close one of MBI's longest running public affairs struggles was SF 438, which prohibits government-mandated Project Labor Agreements (PLAs). This bill provides legislative guidance in that government-mandated PLAs will no longer be legal in Iowa. This new law reverses the precedent created by the Iowa Supreme Court's decision in 2002, which legalized PLAs in Iowa. If you recall, MBI sued Polk County on its use of a government-mandated PLA on the Iowa Events Center. As a result of the ruling, MBI did pass a prohibition of government-mandated PLAs through the legislature during the 2003 session, but this bill also fell victim to Governor Vilsack's veto authority.

Though previous efforts came up short, the elections of 2017 created an opportunity to move these two important pieces of legislation. And even though MBI's lobbying team was able to close the deal this session, the effort to pass these two laws all started long before with members being active in supporting the MBI-PAC. Without the financial support of members to the MBI-PAC, MBI's lobbying team would have never been able to establish relationships with legislators and identify those who would advocate for MBI's positions.

These two new laws are a testament to MBI's persistence and patience in working towards what is right and good for the industry.

Important Industry Information - MBI Wage Survey Forms on the Way
Governor Branstad Signs Proclamation for Construction Week 2017!
OSHA 10 Hour - April 27-28
Since the mid-1980's, every two years MBI has conducted a confidential wage survey for overhead personnel. Through the services of the HR consulting group Newport Group (formerly Verisight), the survey gathers wage data from general and specialty contractors, as well as construction material suppliers.
All information gathered is strictly confidential and only seen by Newport Group. The more members who participate, the more meaningful the data collected. The report will be distributed to those that participate at no charge. Non-participants will not receive wage survey results.

We are putting this information out ahead of the actual electronic distribution from Newport Group so member companies can be alerted to look for it. Please take the time to participate and help make this a meaningful and valuable report to MBI Members. (This data can be the most accurate compensation update in Iowa, if members choose to participate.)
It is important to note that the survey form will be emailed to our prime contact for your firm on May 10, 2017 by Newport Group. If you want to designate who the survey is sent to (other than the prime contact on file with MBI), please email Laurie Delmott as soon as possible with the appropriate contact information - .
If there are any questions, please contact Laurie at or 515-657-4383.
Thank you!
On April 12th, Governor Branstad proclaimed October 2 - 6, 2017 as Construction Week in Iowa. Construction Week is a time to celebrate the built environment and showcase those who create it, increase public dialogue about the shortage of construction workers and bring construction to life for students, educators and parents.
We encourage everyone in the industry to start planning now for a successful Construction Week! We have many resources available on the MBI website to assist in your planning, including a timeline of what to do leading up to Construction Week.
To access the Construction Week resources, CLICK HERE.
To view the Construction Week 2017 proclamation video, CLICK HERE. Be sure to SHARE the video on social media to spread the word!

As we roll into spring and commercial construction projects become even more active with additional craft workers on site, safety should be on the mind of every individual on every project.

To assist commercial construction companies in the training of new employees and/or refreshing veteran employees, Master Builders of Iowa is conducting an OSHA 10 Hour class in Des Moines on April 27-28th. This class will provide attendees with the most up-to-date OSHA regulations, proper safety procedures, behavior-based safety practices, and much more!

All who attend will receive multiple documents to help them comply with OSHA standards, as well as a card of completion issued by the OSHA Institute.

CLICK HERE to view the complete brochure, access the registration form, and/or to register online.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Tom Fulcher at or 515.657.4395.
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