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Shine the Spotlight on the Construction Industry! 

During Construction Week, Master Builders of Iowa shines the spotlight on exceptional field workers of our member firms on social media and in our communications pieces. This year's Construction Week will be held October 2 - 6, 2017.

We are asking members of MBI to submit exceptional field staff to have the spotlight on them!  We will be posting all submissions sporadically throughout Construction Week 2017 on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. We will also be creating a photo gallery of all submissions on our website and they will be featured in the Winter Edition of the InsideMBI magazine. Simply return the Submission Form and a photo of your exceptional field worker to Aly Schmidt !  Please limit your submissions to 5 individuals per company.

Consider doing something similar for your employees during Construction Week. This is a great opportunity to recognize your employees on your website and/or social media! Are you a service provider to the construction industry? This is a golden opportunity for you to THANK and HIGHLIGHT your customers that are from the construction industry!
CLICK HERE for a brief 'how-to' on creating your own spotlight campaign.
For questions, please contact Tania Bowman at or (515) 657-4390.

Blueprint Reading Training in Des Moines and Iowa City
Registration Now for the Annual MBI Regional Membership Meetings
Contact List for Iowa Guidance Counselors
Our Blueprint Reading for Commercial Construction Training Series that we hold annually typically sell out in each location. Do you have employees that would benefit from receiving specialized training on reading blueprints and specifications?

This three part training series will be offered in two locations and you can
register for the entire series to receive a discount, or register separately for only one, or two of the sessions, depending on what type of training you are looking for.
Session 1 - General Construction / Civil / Project Delivery Systems

Des Moines

September 8, 2017
8 am - 12 pm


Iowa City

December 14, 2017
8 am - 12 pm  


Session 2 - Architectural / Structural

Des Moines

September 8, 2017
1 - 5 pm


Iowa City

December 14, 2017
1 - 5 pm


Session 3 - Plumbing / Mechanical / Electrical

Des Moines

September 15, 2017
8 am - 3 pm


Iowa City

December 15, 2017
8 am - 3 pm


To read the full description of each session of the series and to access the registration form, please CLICK HERE for the brochure. Register early before they sell out again!
We would like to invite you and members of your firm to attend a local area MBI Regional Membership Meeting, coming to a location near you! All membership meetings are scheduled from 12:00 - 1:00 pm, and will include a presentation on a new field leadership initiative, workforce development efforts, 2018 legislative priorities and an introduction to MBI's new Director of Public Affairs - Ben Hammes. Members can enjoy lunch and informative conversations over their lunch hour at no charge!
CLICK HERE to view the complete Regional Membership Meeting Brochure and the Registration Form.
2017 Regional Membership Meeting Schedule
August 29, 2017
Sponsored by C.W. Suter Services
August 31, 2017
Sponsored by Henkel Construction Company
September 7, 2017
Sponsored by Equipment Marketers & Appraisers LLC
September 12, 2017
Sponsored by Vector Construction, Inc.
September 14, 2017
Sponsored by Conlon Construction Co.
September 20, 2017
Sponsored by Star Equipment, Ltd.
September 26, 2017
Sponsored by Bush Construction Company, Inc.
September 27, 2017
Sponsored by Bradley & Riley PC
Being involved with local schools is probably the most important part of the entire Construction Week campaign when you consider that the main goal is to educate students, parents, teachers and counselors about the opportunities for great careers in construction after high school graduation. As a contractor, think of Construction Week as a reminder to get involved with your local school districts, or even a reason to start a program for those of you that are not currently involved with local schools.

Contact local school counselors, or other contacts you may have, to see if they would be interested in having your company get involved with students to teach them about the opportunities in the construction industry. We have compiled a list of all Iowa high school AND middle school guidance counselors and have it available for   download in the Construction Week resources section.
Here is a list of things you could offer a school in order to bring construction to life for students:
  • Volunteer as a guest speaker in the classroom or after school program
  • Participate in K-12 career fairs
  • Offer mentoring
  • Offer job site tours
  • Invite a student or students on a job shadow
  • Bring students to your office
  • Donate extra building materials to a school program
  • Place construction-related ads in school newsletters and/or at sporting events

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the industry, and Construction Week is another way for us to join forces in order to educate people about the opportunities for great careers in construction.  It is also an opportunity to celebrate the workforce and everything that they have built around us.  The following ideas can be used to extend the reach of the Construction Week campaign.>>>Read More

Many events only exist because they are supported financially through sponsorships.  Sponsors are always highly regarded and appreciated by the event organizer, but you can't just leave it all in the organizer's hands to make sure your sponsorship dollars are used to their full potential.  If you sponsor programs or events, be sure you are doing these 5 things to make sure you are giving yourself the best opportunity for high ROI, >>>Read More
We are working to spread the word across the nation about Construction Week and the opportunities available in the construction industry. Construction Week is a time to celebrate our built environment and showcase those who create it, increase public dialogue about the shortage of construction workers and bring construction to life for students, educators and parents in an industry-wide collaborative effort. We need the industry to come together in order to make a difference and spread the word about Construction Week. >>>Read More
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