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When it comes to the construction, service and supply industry today, the mantra continues to be - "Do more with less." It makes sense. The leaner and flatter our organizations can be, the more profitable and sustainable. However, sometimes we sacrifice results and increase our risk in the HR function. Let's think about the Onboarding process for a moment.

How much time do we spend with our new hires, completing onboarding paperwork? You may be thinking to yourself that, "this is time I don't have, but need to do it anyway." Onboarding packets contain important federal and state documents like the I9, W4 and eVerify. But they also contain documents that help to align expectations and indoctrinate employees to our culture, processes and procedures.

MBI job board partner, BirdDogHR, can help with that. They have automated the new hire paperwork process to quickly get compliance paperwork completed in a timely fashion that doesn't require an HR or Office person to supervise. After paperwork is compiled, documents are stored in a cloud filing cabinet for easy retrieval, download or integration with your payroll provider. The software is low cost and highly effective. It will help make your mission of "do more with less" a reality.

If you have questions about maximizing the benefits of your BirdDogHR Software or need help with finding, engaging, developing or retaining your employees, contact the BirdDogHR customer care team at or call 888-482-7021.

Order Construction Week Promotional Items
Follow the Easy to Use Construction Week Planning Timeline!
Take Advantage of Monthly Webinars
There are numerous ways for you and your company to get involved in celebrating Construction Week. One way to celebrate within your company, on job sites and in your community is to hang Construction Week job site banners, display window decals in your office, give out hard hat decals and wear apparel. Order Construction Week promotional items for employees, clients, students, friends, or just for yourself. The Promotional Items section within the   Construction Week resources center includes a link to a   Promotional Items Flyer that you can post on your website, in newsletters and social media. The online store  includes banners, coozies, hard hat decals, window clings, t-shirts, long sleeve tees, ANSI 107 tees, hooded sweatshirts and stocking caps, all with the Construction Week 2017 and I AM CONSTRUCTION logos. There is even an option to add your company logo to the apparel and banner if you desire.

Marketing Construction Week with any of these items will make for a great photo opportunity to post on social media, using the hashtag #ConstructionWeek17!

Deadline for Orders is August 18, 2017.
Are you prepared to celebrate and promote the industry within your company and community for Construction Week? Try using the Timeline for a Successful Construction Week Celebration document that is available in the Construction Week   online resources center!
The   Timeline for a Successful Construction Week Celebration is a 26-page PowerPoint presentation that includes a calendar guide of when to check things off of your Construction Week to-do list. Pick and choose what ideas you want to incorporate into your own Construction Week celebration, and then use the timeline to assist in your planning.
Did you know that MBI offers at least one webinar a month to MBI members, and that they are free to attend?!  The topics vary month to month and are a great addition to your training program.  Each webinar is recorded and archived on the MBI website so that our members are able to access the various training topics at any time. 
In order to access the archived webinars, you must be logged in to the MBI website.  If you do not know your username and password, please contact Nichole Fry at or (515) 657-4386.
Why MBI?
We want to thank the following members for sharing their views on the value of MBI membership during the 2017 Annual Winter Conference. The 'Why MBI?' video turned out great and we can't wait to use it to spread the word about the Association!
  • Scott Bleich - Heartland Finishes, Inc.
  • Steve Hauschilt - Graham Construction Company
  • A.J. Loss - Bush Construction Company, Inc.
  • Katy Susong - Cardinal Construction Inc.

We are working to spread the word across the nation about Construction Week and the opportunities available in the construction industry. Construction Week is a time to celebrate our built environment and showcase those who create it, increase public dialogue about the shortage of construction workers and bring construction to life for students, educators and parents in an industry-wide collaborative effort. We need the industry to come together in order to make a difference and spread the word about Construction Week. >>>Read More

The workforce shortage has been at the forefront of our industry's collective mind for the better part of the last year. To combat this, as you know, MBI has worked with our membership to put together a program for recruiting young people into the industry, and we will soon be entering the second year of that initiative.
We began the workforce initiative with two objectives. First, develop a campaign that attracts the younger generation to our industry by highlighting a variety of benefits and comparisons to other industries. Second, develop tools that can be easily utilized by you, our membership, to recruit those same young people into your individual companies. >>>Read More

In 2012, Master Builders of Iowa celebrated 100 years of striving to be the essential resource for improving member performance and promoting a business environment favorable to the construction industry.  (Maybe repeating the MBI Mission Statement has rubbed off on me as well.)  Not many things live to be 100 years old.  It takes a great deal of commitment, hard work and support to be around for a century.  And that is exactly what the Iowa construction industry has been giving to MBI decade after decade.  A century of individuals have put their company hats aside in order to guide MBI with a commitment to the industry and vision for the future.  MBI would not have celebrated 105 years on April 27th if it weren't for a strong tradition of MBI members giving of themselves to contribute their time, talent and energy to pushing the association forward.  This tradition of dedicated leadership and time honored commitment to the industry is the type of support that will allow MBI to continue hitting milestones for decades to come.>>>Read More
  Master Builders of Iowa | P: 515-288-8904| F: 515-288-2617 | Email | Website
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