Project Spotlight

Dollar Bank Center Rooftop

Dollar Bank hired MBM and Strada to design and build their new Headquarters at 20 Stanwix Street. After completing the five-floor office space fit-out, our team started on the private indoor/outdoor rooftop space that features 360-degree views of downtown Pittsburgh. Over 60 tons of structural steel was craned up to the roof and installed on the 21st floor, to create over 3,500 SF of indoor and 2,600 SF of exterior deck space. The indoor space features floor to ceiling glass exterior walls for a more open feel. A new elevator and elevator shaft were constructed to allow easier access. The rooftop features space for employees to work, gather with colleagues, and take a break for personal wellbeing.

MBM Happenings

Pars for Postpartum Depression Golf Outing

On July 31st MBM was honored to participate in the 6th Annual Pars for Postpartum Depression Golf Outing at Edgewood Country Club. The weather was perfect and the event was another success. Postpartum Depression (PPD) and Postpartum Anxiety (PPA) are very common during motherhood and we are happy to support this group who continues to offer more resources to those experiencing PPD/ PPA. Since the Golf Outing started 6 years ago, the event has raised over $222,000!

Friends of MBM

Abby Mountain


Strada LLC

Abby went to Kent State University for her degrees in architecture and urban design. She has worked for Strada most of her career doing a mix of urban design, master planning, and architecture. As a Partner at Strada, she manages the team's workload and works on a wide variety of projects. Abby and her husband have been married for 17 years and have two kids, Jones and Tate. Last year they added a shaggy little mutt named Boston to their family. Abby and her husband are avid DIYers and have been working on their 100 year old house for over a decade. The projects never stop when there is an architect in the family.

What has your experience been like working with MBM on Dollar Bank Center and the rooftop? 

MBM was great to work with! Open communication and a collaborative approach made the project run smoothly and we got over the inevitable hurdles quickly. 

What was the biggest challenge with the rooftop project? 

Fitting all of the structure and systems into the space that was limited in height by the existing penthouse was a challenging jigsaw puzzle, but it ended up creating one of my favorite aspects of the space; the low ceilings at the entrance to the space really set the stage for the dramatic views that you get once you enter into the double height glass box.  

Do you have a favorite feature of the Dollar Bank Center rooftop? 

The views are really stunning and the space makes the most of them! 

Tell us three things most people don’t know about you...

I grew up in the countryside surrounded by chickens and fields, and spent much of my time playing in "the crick". I lived in Florence, Italy for a total of year through my college studies. I'm an avid reader (at 90 books for the year so far).  

Team MBM

Pete Jarsulic

Project Manager

MBM Contracting

After graduating high school, Pete became a self-employed contractor focusing on flooring and small residential work, but before long he accepted a Sales & Project Management job with a commercial door company. After deciding to take a different path, he entered the carpenter’s apprenticeship program and worked exclusively for a local contractor. Seeking advancement opportunity, he accepted a role within the Maintenance department at a major healthcare provider and worked in several different facilities over the next few years. Pete is new to the MBM team working as a Project Manager in the Special Projects Department. Pete and his wife Shannon live with their four children, Parker, Jacksyn, Estelle, and Emery, their two dogs, and three cates. Their lives are filled with practices, games, birthdays, and various lessons. 

What aspect of your role do you like the most so far?

The relationships and daily interaction with clients.

What do you like about working at MBM? 

I feel invested in and trusted to perform the job that I was hired to perform.

What would be your ideal way to spend the weekend?

I would find a reason to play with my tractor on my property.

Best vacation you've been on?

No specific vacation stands out above the rest, it’s just a blessing we can take one each year.

MBM's First Employee Retires After 35 Years

MBM's first employee, Mark Sucevich (also known as Marko) retired in July. He was presented with the golden hammer for his dedication, hard-work and outstanding achievements over the past 35 years. Dollar Bank Center and Rooftop were one of his last achievements before his retirement. Mark has worked on many notable projects including South Hills Orthopedics, Washington Hospital Outpatient Centers, multiple projects at Duquesne University, Weirton Medical Center, 525 William Penn Place, St. Clair Hospital, and Dollar Bank. Mark and his wife Darcy have been married over 40 years and have a daughter in nursing and a son in engineering. Mark has been a leader and mentor to many Carpenters. We will miss Marko dearly and are so grateful for his friendship and hard-work over these past 35 years.

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