With all the natural beauty of our campus, we have been inspired to launch an Adirondack Chair Campaign for the campus. Donors will have the opportunity to purchase a chair and have it named in honor of someone special. What a great way to recognize members of the Class of 2018 or a staff member while enhancing the environs of the campus at the same time. Chairs will be located on both the high school and postsecondary campus and available in white for $300 and assorted colors for $400. If you are interested in purchasing a chair in honor of someone special at school or in memory of a loved one, contact  Lori Hale
to place your order today.
Maplebrook Golf Tournament Sponsored by
Bank of Millbrook and Meyer Contracting


Have you registered for the golf tournament yet? There's still time. I am a member of the golf tournament committee and a director of the Maplebrook School Foundation. Copake Country Club is only 30 minutes north of the school and we would love to have you join us. Playing in the tournament is a good way to get to know all members of the school and it's a good cause as all proceeds are earmarked for capital projects. Don't have a foursome? That's not a problem. We can combine you with other parents, faculty members or school friends to ensure that a good time is had by all. Not a golfer at all? Then you can still support the tournament by becoming a sponsor at various levels like so many of the vendors in the community. Parents' Weekend is very busy and there's so much to do, but I hope that you will support this great event in one way or another. 

John Gifford, Chair of the Golf Tournament Committee

SATURDAY, June 2,  2018
Registration at 8:00 AM
Tee off at 9:00 AM

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Chiara, Grandma and Family

Odette and her Grandma

Jamieson and Grandma

Riley and Grandma

Jonathan and Grandma
Hunter and his Grandmother
Kaylee and her Grandparents
Tate and his Grandmother
Tess and her Grandparents

Elizabeth and Grandma
Kaylee and her Great Grandmothers and Mom on right

Andrea and her Grandparents

Jacob and his Grandma

Will and William
Aidan with his Mom and Miss Konkolics

Mr. Tomasetti and 
Mrs. McGhee


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MBS Parent Connections     May 2018
Dear Parents,
The campus has burst forth in spring color which signifies that the end of the school year is rapidly approaching. It's hard to believe that in one week many of you will arrive on campus for Parents' Weekend. Time truly flies and we are so excited about the upcoming graduation. Here is an update on a few things that have been happening on campus since the last e-letter and we can't wait for all of the festivities to begin next week. We look forward to seeing you soon and wish you a safe and Happy Memorial Day for those who celebrate!   
Grandparents Arrive on Campus as We Celebrate RI

                               Grandparents listen attentively to presentations
Grandparents' Day was held on May 12th and the campus never looked more spectacular with all of the flowering trees in full bloom in spite of the rain. There were 44 grandparents and guests that made the trip to campus and had the opportunity to visit and learn about the important programs that formulate the Maplebrook experience. 

                                                       KDISA Students
Mr. TeeJay Jones began the morning presentation explaining what the Katherine Davis International Student Association (KDISA) was all about and some of the ways that MBS supports its international students, which makes up 20% of our student population. Academy student, Gioia Taraboulsi, shared her presentation on Egypt and then the other members of KDISA introduced themselves briefly by telling the audience where they call home when they are not at boarding school. The second presentation this same morning provided information about Character Education, Community Service and Leadership Opportunities at Maplebrook. Mr. Gerardo Amarillas, Mrs. Jessica Selino, Mrs. Lori Hale and Miss Jennifer Scully all discussed some of the different activities and programs that students in the Academy and Institute participate in to build self esteem, confidence, and a greater sense of civic responsibility.  Afterwards, everyone had the opportunity to take a tour of the new Panichi Pool, then meet friends and teachers when they visited classes prior to enjoying some outstanding solo and group performances in the Performing Arts Center that included singing by Anna Sudderth, Lita Green, Pablo Davidoff, Chiara Ross, Rebecca Rowland, and Kaylee Armusewicz; a drum performance by Tomer Mandelbaum, a piano piece by Derek Rivkin, and a tap performance by Kaylee Armusewicz, Rachel Waldman, Maya Treisman and Odette Besso.  Upon

conclusion of the show, everyone gathered in Whalen Hall for a delicious lunch followed by a special recognition ceremony for those students that had achieved Contract/Contract+, which is the highest level of the RISE (Responsibility Increases Self Esteem) Program. Dr. Roger Fazzone, President of MBS and the architect behind RISE, gave a brief summary of the program. Mrs. Colleen McGhee, Mr. John Tomasetti, Mr. Bill Hale, and Mrs. Andrea Jones, all members of the RISE Committee, which meets weekly to monitor students' progress, presented certificates to 43 individuals that reached this level of independence. This is quite an achievement. Dara Helfant, Ransom Larson and Hunter Kabbai made speeches about the positive impact RISE has had on them and Mr. Scott Miller and Elizabeth Ridilla spoke about the benefits of RISE at Home. A collective congratulation was shared with all in attendance and then the Contract/Contract+ students assembled for a group photo.  

              Contract and Contract+ students p3roudly share their achievement
Kentucky Derby Art Show
                                          William serves our guests 
The 34th anniversary event welcomed more than 200 art and derby enthusiasts to campus on May 5th. This event has become the highlight of the early spring season and everyone enjoyed themselves with the Derby and art on display. There was a hungry and thirsty crowd so it was very helpful to have TLC residents, Alex Bonnefil, Olivia Moore, William Tabbicca and Kithsen Wickramaratchi on hand to help serve the attendees while Michael Hamilton assisted with parking cars. Several parents also assisted in pouring libations while the "Mad Hatter" worked very hard to come to a decision for the Best Hat. After much deliberation and humor, he awarded the Best Hat prize to Mrs. Kathy Fazzone. Amidst the wagers, big hats, and mint juleps, more than $7,000 in art sales took place during the first week of the show. There were 54 local and regional artists displaying over 180 pieces of beautiful work in a myriad of mediums plus eight artists that participated in en Plein Air exhibition in the area and on campus that same day. The show also introduced new artist, Trevor McWilliams originally from Millbrook. Over the years, the art show has raised more than $370,000 for various programs. Several staff members submitted their own work and there are many beautiful pieces still available for sale through June 2nd. The School receives 40% of every art sale so make sure you and your family members check out the art work when you arrive on campus for Parents' Weekend. 

Enjoy this video montage of the community event.....
2018 Kentucky Derby Art Show
2018 Kentucky Derby Art Show

                                                Salisbury Brass Band

                                               Art Enthusiasts                         
International Families Recognized After Awards
This year's AWARDS CEREMONY will take place on FRIDAY, June 1st at 11:30 AM to recognize students and their exemplary achievements throughout the year. Immediately following the presentations, we will gather in Whalen Dining Hall to enjoy some International Cuisine as we honor our International families at the luncheon. RSVP is REQUIRED by May 28th for the Luncheon and Cultural Dress is welcome.

                                       Academy Seniors land in Florida!

Seniors from both programs gathered at the fire pit to share memories and add items to the Time Capsule which will be opened in 2023 when they return for the Annual Alumni Reunion in August. Enjoy the video of their special evening together. 
2018 Graduate Dinner
2018 Graduate Dinner

                                Rachel, Ransom, Chad, and Dominica


                Jenna and Sarah proudly display their RISE Contract Certificates

It's nearly the end of the school year. Many of you have generously supported our events throughout and provided leadership gifts in other ways. W E THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT SUPPORT. MBS initiated #Giving Tuesday back in November which jump started the Annual Fund campaign. The ANNUAL FUND is separate from our other fundraisers and capital giving with a goal of $150,000 to reach. Currently we are at 80% of that goal! Parent participation is very important and speaks volumes to others that might consider donating to MBS as well as making a positive difference in approaching Foundations for grants. We hoped to have 100% parent participation, even if it's $50 because it's not the dollar amount that matters, its your involvement. You can see we still have a way to go to reach that parent goal. If you have already made your gift this year, you have made your participation count and again, we appreciate your support. If you haven't made your gift, there's still time. We hope the rest of you will make a donation before June 30th at whatever level is comfortable to be recognized as a participant and to demonstrate your appreciation for a fantastic school year. 
Like our students Give Back...

Haley, Dara, Ellie, Will, Chad and William volunteered 
their time to work at this event in May
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