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As you probably know by now, Chef MT is capable of serving his Contemporary Rach Cuisine almost... everywhere! True Texas hospitality shouldn't be limited to the location or type of the venue! Whenever you host your party at our restaurant.... or a nail salon, Michaels Cuisine can accommodate your needs and provide the finest service full of food, flavors and fun!

Yesterday Chef MT served his menu for Origin Bank Event at Delux Nail Saloon!
Contemporary Ranch Cuisine in action! Watch Chef MT while preparing Holiday @ Home Menu 2018 on Michaels Cuisine TV!

If you like to host your Holiday Party at home but don't feel like cooking, check our Holiday @ Home Menu! Along with Contemporary Ranch Cuisine Classics, you'll find Roasted and Deep Friend Turkeys and MC Holiday Desserts!

Michaels Cuisine  has a professional staff that will assist you with planning and executing the perfect event. Whether you are planning an important dinner for business clients or that special dinner party for family and friends Michael's can accommodate any requests.

Chef MT and his staff will assist you in selecting the perfect menu and accommodations to meet your needs and will also assist with any logistical and menu changes
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