Issue No. 95 / April 2020
Dear Delicious
Digest Readers!

We hope You had a wonderful Easter,
despite all the odds. We're back with great spring energy to bring You more

Chef MT has carefully read all of last weeks MC ROC-DOC Contest entries! The choice was really hard, thank You for Your patience over the last few days.

Most of all - Thank You for all the beautiful memories You have shared over Social Media under #rocdocrub !

Chef MT finally chose the winner ! Check the announcement below .
We take pride in sharing our Contemporary Ranch Cuisine with Y'all. Don’t forget to check out Today’s MC Curbside Food Menu, & see our “New” Beverage Menu.
Our Signature Gulf Crab Cakes, & Pecan~Goat Cheese Chicken are Back!
MC Fried Chicken Wednesday is coming!!!
P lace Your MC Curbside Takeout Order
Monday- Saturday

MC ROC-DOC Contest Winner!
We're happy we brought
Fun & Flavors to Your
quarantine home cooking

It's great seeing Y'all in good shape.
Thank You for participating in our
MC ROC-DOC Contest and sharing
Your stories. Reading and watching them gave us a lot of joy during Easter.
It's finally time for the big announcement :

The Winner of the First $100 MC Gift
Card is.................... DJ Glaze!!!

DJ Glaze, You can pickup Your prize, & bonus Roc-Doc Microwave Popcorn Kit anytime Monday-Saturday from 3:00pm-7:00pm.
MC Story - Shout-out to Origin Bank !
Michaels Cuisine would like
to thank  Origin Bank  for their Professional & Quick Service
in processing our PPP loan.

I am Grateful for Origin Bank , and for Funding our loan! Now we have a little financial breathing room to get through
the Corona Crisis, and begin planning for the future in the post Crisis economy.

Origin Bank supports local businesses like Family, that is why Michaels Cuisine banks with Origin !

~ Michael S. Thomson
MC 24/7 “Y’all Stay Home” Happy Hour
While staying at home, we all could use some booze !

Chef MT wants to remind you about our
24/7 “Y’all Stay Home” Happy Hour
All Pandemic Long! Now you can add
MC “COCKTAIL KITS” to your food order!

  MC South Texas Margarita Kit
  The Ancho Bar Bloody Mary Kit
  MC Ranch Water Kit
MC Ranch Mimosa Kit
MC Screwdriver Kits

Check Our Food & “New” Beverage Menus daily on our website !

Stay healthy & Cheers! 
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