We hope you had an amazing time celebrating the 4th of July! Honoring the great tradition of American Family Celebrations and Getting Together through food Chef MT invites you for a Beat The Heat Brunch! Every great recipe & celebration has its own story. Let us share ours!
MC Bangers
"Bangers & Mash" Brunch Menu
from Jul 19, 2015

At Michaels Cuisine we strive to make Food✯ Flavors✯ Fun Happen! Not only At Michaels Cuisine, but anywhere we have an opportunity.
The “British Open” (I Still Call It That, But It Is Now Referred To As “The Open Championship”, Or More Simply, “The Open”) Which Became Part Of Our PGA Tour’s Official Schedule In 1995 Is A Good Example Of That. I Will Tell You How The MC “Bangers & Mash” Have Become An Annual Favorite Of My Golf Enthusiast Buddy’s.

My Good Friend Bob Madeja Used To Throw One Of The Best Party’s Of The Year. For Years His Golf Buddy’s Would Come To His House On Sunday Morning Before The Colonial Golf Tournament Final Round For His “Colonial Breakfast”. He Would Serve Adult Beverages, Scrambled Eggs, Biscuits & Gravy, Piles Of Bacon & Sausage, Smoked Porkloin, Sliced Ripe Tomatoes With Blue Cheese & Onions, And The Famous “Woody’s Fried Pies” (That’s Another Story!) That Everybody Practically Fought Over To Get Their Favorite Flavor, Even Grabbing & Wrapping Them To-Go, & Hiding Them For When They Left, Many Before They Even Got A Cocktail!
Then One Year When Bob & Kathy Downsized To A Smaller Home, Room Was Tight For A Bunch Of Guys Eating, Drinking, & Watching Golf. Many Of Them Were Just Being Polite To Stop By On The Way To The Colonial, But Many Came To Stay, Lounge Around, & Watch The Tournament On TV, Some Even Taking Naps After The Big Breakfast!
When The British Open Came Around In July That Year, It Was Determined That A Place To Go To Watch The Revered Final Round Was Needed Because There Is Never Anywhere To Go With A Big Group Of Guy’s To Get The Great Food & Atmosphere Of Bob’s Colonial Breakfast. The Idea That He Should Make His Annual Golf Breakfast During The British Open Was Born. It Was Brilliant, Nobody Is In A Hurry To “Get To The Course”, Since After All It Is “Across The Pond”, And It Is Always Over By Noon, Which Sounded Great To Kathy So She Could Get Her House Back Earlier!

That’s Where I Come In! Since I Love Cooking For My Friends, Especially For Special Occasions, I Offered To Help With The Cooking, Modify The Menu A Bit To Bring In The “British Feel”, And Make It Easier On Bob & All Of The Guy’s Who Have Contributed To The Production Of The Breakfast Over The Years. It Also Gave Me The Opportunity To Make A Great Meal Which Many Americans Have Never Tried, MT’s Famous Bangers & Mash (My Ranch Version Of The Classic British Breakfast!!)
Our Version Of The Classic Includes Fresh Pork Sausages Made In Our MC Kitchen, With A Close To Authentic British Flavor, But With Our “Contemporary Ranch” Style. We Don’t Put As Much Of The “Filler & Water” In (Which Causes The Sausages To Pop & Explode In The Pan, Thus Giving Them Their Name) As They Did In Brittan During WWI When Meat Was In Short Supply. No, Our Bangers Are Of Top Quality Domestic Pork, Perfectly Seasoned, And Cooked To Perfection, Just Without The “Bang”!  
The MC™ Bangers Are Pan-Roasted Until They “Bang” Served Atop Mustard Mashed Potatoes (Because I Think Quality Sausages Need Mustard) With A Caramelized Onion Gravy (Which Makes It More Like Comfort Food, Plus I Get To Add Scotch Whiskey To Represent Being In The Land Of “The Claret Jug.”) , Sherried Scrambled Eggs, & Fresh Flour Tortillas (To Keep Us Texan!) And At Bob’s “Bangers & Mash Brunch” We Also Get Woody’s Fried Pies, Which Are Actually Cobbler Now, But Always The Perfect Finish To A Fun Morning With Good Friends, Enjoying Adult Beverages & Watching Championship Golf! 
The Open Combines A Long History And A Prestigious Reputation Making It An Event Unparalleled In Golf. My Goal Was To Make Bob’s New “Bangers & Mash” Brunch An Event Unparalleled In Golf Party’s. Even Though We Traded The Colonial Plaid Jacket For The “Claret Jug”, And Moved Our Location From Bob’s Downsized Home, & Bob’s Group Making Damn Sure They Get Their Invitation Every Year, It Makes Me Believe That We Have!

Michael Thomson
Chef ✯ Restauranteur ✯ Golf Enthusiast 
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