The past week at Michaels Cuisine felt busier than ever! Being a little short-staffed and actively looking for new employees, we are more determined than ever to provide real Texas hospitality and treat every guest with fanatical attention to detail!
Feeling confident that Michaels Cuisine brings a fun and quality experience to all we'd like to invite you to participate in our hiring process! If you know anyone who'd like to join #MCTeam, help us spread the news!
Some people say brunch isn't just meal, it's a lifestyle. Chef MT and Chef Jorge take this very seriously! ;) Chef MT loves Raw Republic Meats & Jack Matusek - the “Master" Butcher Charcuterie! "He taught me his trick to stuff sausage!"

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From The First Stage: MC "Secret" Blend Of Spices...
... To The Ready Product ~ MC Traditional British-Style Pork Bangers!
See what happened in between...
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