Winter 2021
We can take care of the future best by taking care of the present now
~Jon Kabat Zinn
What’s New?
On January 28, 2021, join us to learn how a unique program of mind-body skills can support teacher and student resilience, healing and self-care throughout a school community. For this live webinar, teachers, students and mindfulness instructors working with Parkland schools and Broward county will share their experience of recovery from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.
Focus on Being & Self-Compassion 
A Half-Day Mindfulness Retreat via Zoom
Join MC4ME on February 6, 2021 for a half-day of mindfulness practices in a supportive online community. When we take time to give ourselves the space to breathe, we replenish ourselves. As caregivers who advocate mindfulness practice for youth, it’s vital that we nourish our own practice.
Help senior high school girls know about our newest skill-based program that will help support their well-being now and for the future. We are now opening registration for a six-week group program that will begin mid-February in which teens will learn to use a variety of mindfulness and mind-body based techniques.
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Drop-in Meditation Schedule
With the pandemic, MC4ME and other statewide organizations are offering you the opportunity to practice mindfulness meditation through Zoom. Join MC4ME Thursdays at noon to refresh yourself for a 30-minute practice. Stay as long as you feel comfortable or are available. Check the weekday schedule for other times being offered by our partner organizations.
Mindfulness Insight
Teaching Mindfulness in a Pandemic
Teaching mindfulness as a high school elective has never been more needed or
challenging than during this global pandemic. Natalie Freeburn reflects on how she adapted teaching mindfulness to her students and what she learned about herself along the way.
Recommended Resources
Mindfulness-Based Activities:
a tool-kit designed for use with teens
This resource is a collection of close to 60 activities designed to introduce teens to the practice of mindfulness. The activities have been well curated. They have been used successfully by experienced mindfulness instructors affiliated with MC4ME, with many adapted from published mindfulness books.
Research Findings
Stress and Well-Being: A systemic case
study of adolescents’ experiences in a mindfulness-based program
Most studies on adolescent’s experience of mindfulness are based on one-time pre-post curriculum assessment using a self-report instrument in a particular school setting. This study involved a case study design to investigate adolescents’ perceptions of stress and well-being and their integration of mindfulness-based practices over time following a Learning to Breathe Program (L2B) implemented in their 11th-grade health class. 
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Make a Difference
​Your tax-deductible donation contributes to providing life skills to students to foster social, emotional and mental well-being. When schools have a desire for mindfulness training for their students or staff, but do not have funds in their budget, your donations help us subsidize training costs. Thank you for making a difference!