Dress Code Reminders -

On Friday, I reminded our middle students that we dress for success at MCA. Although that sound cliche, it is so important to me that our efforts of spending time with students is focused on them, their learning needs, and what makes coming to MCA each and every day great.

This is exactly what we discussed, we don't want to have to discuss what they are wearing as it takes away from the time that we get to spend doing things with them that they and we enjoy!

Please help us in giving students ownership of their dress with a simple "check" yourself before leaving in the mornings.

I did suggest that, "when in doubt, just change." May seem a bit harsh, but it is a great way to practice a life-long skill.

Below are the highlights that we discuss:

  1. Jeans with holes - the holes should follow the same criteria length criteria for shorts and skirts. Holes in jeans must come BELOW student fingertips.
  2. Shorts/Skirts - Shorts/skirts must be fingertip length.
  3. Pants - We ask that pants fit.
  4. Tops/Shirts - Shirts/tops should not show the mid section "when arms are raised to the sky." I did model this for the students and some modeled with me. This seems to be a trend right.
  5. Leggings - Shirt/top must be fingertip length.