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Weekly Newsgram - January 24th 2018

The Clergy Support program of the Coast Guard auxiliary is open for applications. This special program supplements and supports Navy Chaplains serving with the Coast Guard by expanding Religious Ministry within the Coast Guard to better meet the needs of Coast Guard members and their families.

Coast Guard Chaplains (officers of the U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps assigned to the Coast Guard) provide Religious Ministry to Coast Guard members. They play a vital role in support of overall mission execution of the Coast Guard. Due to the limited number of Coast Guard Chaplains, they may be prevented or delayed in the timely response to Religious Ministry requirements.

The Coast Guard (CG) recognizes that the CG Auxiliary is composed of many skilled volunteers, some of whom have clergy credentials. The Auxiliary Clergy Support Program expands the Religious Ministry capacity within the Coast Guard to better meet the needs of Coast Guard members. By permitting Auxiliarists with clergy credentials to apply and be approved to provide religious ministry support, the men and women of the Coast Guard can and do receive better care. The process and approval of clergy support individuals matches in many ways the approval process for chaplains serving in the Department of Defense. In fact, currently serving reserve and Guard chaplains not under orders as well as former and retired chaplains may apply for this special designation.

The Clergy Support Program does not supplant Coast Guard Chaplains, but supplements and supports their mission. Clergy Support Auxiliarists serve under the direct supervision of their designated Coast Guard Chaplain and must coordinate and report all Religious Ministry support to that Coast Guard Chaplain.

Auxiliarists with clergy credentials must meet many of the same qualifications as members of the DOD chaplain corps, which are described in COMDTINST 1730.5. The Chaplain of the Coast Guard (CG-00A), Chaplain Greg Todd, administers the Clergy Support Program and its associated qualification and training requirements.

To be a CG Auxiliary chaplain one must first join the Coast Guard Auxiliary . If you are an Auxiliarist who holds clergy credentials and want to support Religious Ministry programs in the Coast Guard supervised by Coast Guard Chaplains complete the application form . The entire program is described in  Commandant Instruction 1730.5

MCA congratulates the Coast Guard and the chaplains who serve for the work they do and this innovative program.

Lyman Smith
Executive Director

Government Shutdown
Some Consequences for National Guard Training

January 22nd - Maj. Gen. James Hoyer, the NGAUS chairman of the board, and retired Brig. Gen. Roy Robinson, the NGAUS president, issued the following statement on the impact of the government shutdown on the National Guard:     
"Even though it's now possible that the government shutdown will last only one workday, its impact on National Guardsmen, their families and their employers will linger for weeks, if not months."

"Guard leaders were forced to cancel training for more than 90,000 Guardsmen over the weekend. This includes a major combat exercise involving units from North Carolina, South Carolina and West Virginia that required six months of planning. Soldiers were in their aircraft and vehicles ready to go when they were told to pack up and go home. A chance to enhance their readiness was lost, as well as two days' pay."

"Training can be rescheduled, but it requires some complex choreography. Training sites must be scheduled months in advance. Commanders have other plans for the months ahead. So do our families. And unlike in the active component, the needs of civilian employers must be considered." 
"In addition, most of the Guard's roughly 50,000 military technicians are being furloughed this afternoon. These are the people who maintain our vehicles and aircraft and make sure our soldiers and airmen have everything they need to train or deploy. Hopefully, they will be back on the job tomorrow. We need them."

"Government shutdowns, stopgap budgets and spending caps are making it increasingly difficult to defend the greatest nation on earth. In order to plan, in order to keep our commitments to our troops and their families, and in order to maintain our readiness, we must have predictable, stable budgets."

"If Congress won't do this on an annual basis, it should move to a two-year defense-budget cycle. Our ability to protect lives and property at home and defend our nation's interests abroad in the years ahead may depend on it."
Opportunity to Serve
Retired Military Chaplain

Full Armor Group Inc., a government contractor, is seeking a retired military Chaplain to fill a Facilitator position in Manama, Bahrain under the authority of the CREDO Program Office at NAS Naples. 

The opening is available in Sep 2018. Primary responsibilities include facilitating CREDO retreats, seminars, workshops, and care support groups; providing referrals to helping professionals within the Navy system; promoting knowledge sharing between other caring professions within the Navy system. 

Forward questions and/or your resume to betty.poe@fullarmorgroupcom .



The 75th Anniversary of the Sinking

2018 Gold Medallion recipient: 
LTG. Nadja Y. West, US Army Surgeon General 

The 2018 Humanitarian of the Year: 
Twilight Wish Foundation-Cass Forkin


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