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Brewer Airport Toyota Film Fest 
The Brewer Airport Toyota Film Festival is right around the corner with chances to win in the following categories: Best Feature Film, Best Documentary Feature Film, Best Narrative Feature Film, Best Short Film, Best Documentary Short Film, and Best Narrative Short Film. Thanks to generous donations from our sponsors, MCA-TV will award prizes up to $1,000.

Submissions are due by May 21, the fee is $20. The event airs on MCA-TV on Saturday, June 6. Mark your calendars to tune in to see these exciting films. Films will be judged by a panel of film experts from the Pittsburgh area. You do not have to be a Moon Township resident to participate.

For more information, visit 
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While we are still not open to the public, we love being able to see all of our wonderful volunteers and producers! We appreciate all of our producers and hosts who have sent in short videos to share quick updates or host a mini show on our Facebook! If you would like to send in a short 2-3 minute video to share with our volunteers about your show or whats going on, email Allison at This gives our MCA-TV community a way to stay connected. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we all work through this difficult situation. Our highest priority is the health and well-being of everyone in the MCA-TV family and our community. We look forward to filming shows in the studio again soon! 
MCA-TV COVID-19 Update
MCA-TV is currently closed to the public as we try to flatten the curve of COVID-19. 

Right now, all of our scheduled programs are postponed. As soon as we can open out doors to the public again, we will let you know so we can resume filming! 

The Township of Moon administrators continue to closely monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and are receiving the latest updates from the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) and agencies with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This continues to be a very fluid situation and we will continue to update the public.
Township administrators urge staff and residents to stay home if you feel sick. In addition, please follow common sense, but important, preventative measures.

Volunteer Spotlight
Pam Krug 

Q. Give us a brief description of yourself.

My background and training was in fine arts, education, and psychiatry. I never taught formally but did run an acute care psychiatric unit which was most rewarding. I moved on from there to establish a private psychiatric practice and later, a woman's health center. Throughout this busy time in my life, I cooked. I cooked to take care of those I love, and an act of relaxation in my harried life. It saddens me that cooking is not viewed as a relaxing activity any longer, but a job that takes too much time to do. I worry about the nutrition fast foods and packaged foods that are fueling our young.  

My mom taught me to cook. Every single Saturday morning she'd put on Italian records and we would cook for hours. A very special time and wonderful memories. Anecdotally I made my first Thanksgiving Dinner at age mom was called out of town and the bird  was thawed, so...m y dad and brothers said it was great, but we ate at 10 p.m. because I didn't figure out the cooking time correctly. We still laugh about that meal.
Q. How long have you been a volunteer at MCA-TV?

I started filming my show more years ago than I care to fact, I can't! My friends and family were well aware of the importance of food in my life, and in my culture. Growing up Italian, discussions of food were endless. There is a joke we discuss what is for dinner while we are eating breakfast...and its true! My brothers all have an interest in cooking and almost daily email me a recipe to "proof" for them. The Italian culture is steeped in food as a creation, and act of love and tonic for health and happiness. I ascribe to that.

Q. What do you enjoy most about volunteering at MCA-TV?

I've worn out a string of personnel at Moon TV. But Jim, Frank, and Allison have been incredibly supportive and responsive. They, along with my 3 girl film crew, make it possible for me to just cook, an d they worry about the technical aspects of producing a show.

Q. Tell us about your show,  Mia Cucina and where you got the idea to produce it?

When I moved from Washington State to Pittsburgh after marrying Ed (my "taster"), my son and I started town, new friends. I made friends locally, and one special friend, Sue Vandertie, encouraged me to do a cooking show. She was my first producer and the show was aptly named "Cooking Matters", because it did, and it does. One of my first, and frequent guests was Phyllis Italia, who was a natural on the show and helped me feel more comfortable in front of the cameras.

When Sue moved on, we changed the format and launched "Mia Cucina" as it seemed like most of the show's focus was on Italian food. Barb Karp came with me to film the show, and then Rose Varsanick and Pat Chastulik. I am really fortunate to have such good friends sharing the enthusiasm and focus of the show. With the Italian theme, my little buddy, Geraldine Donahue, frequently comes and share her mom's recipes. We did a "How to make Italian sausage" show that was hysterical..and now Rose is an expert at making the sausage! Pat shared her Limoncello recipe which led to two segments and 17 bottles of Limoncello for my husband's Xmas office party!

Why am I doing this? Initially it was to challenge myself and leave a little
film library for my son Gabe...I imagined him showing these films to my yet to be born grandchildren, saying "See, that's your nonna." Aside from that, it really is excellent therapy for relaxation, and its another way to show care for my husband , family, and friends. Its creative and therapeutic...combines all of my training!

Q. Do you have any other shows you'd like to create in the future?,
I've enjoyed reaching out to Moon Township through this cooking, and sometimes think it would be fun to do a cooking teaching show for children, or young marrieds or...what do you think?  I'd love suggestions!
Film Outside the Studio

While we are closed to the public, we are in the studio! If you have an idea for a new show and want to borrow equipment to film at home, contact the MCA-TV office today by email at to reserve equipment. This allows our producers to keep reaching their audiences while everyone is safe at home

Once we are open, we will host an open house with a date TBD ,  for volunteers to come in and get familiar with the new control room setup. Stay tuned for more information!
Through The Years 
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Produce a New Show Today! 
Do you have an idea for a new show?  MCA-TV is always looking for new content!

Producing a show is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
1. Pitch your show idea to Allison Ford
2. Schedule a production date
3. Watch your show on MCA-TV

The rules are pretty simple, any Moon resident can produce a show or non-residents can work with a community producer to sign off on their production and help gather volunteers!

What is a community producer, you ask?
A community producer is a Moon Township resident that has gone through our production course.

If you are not a community producer, we can help pair you up with one!  We currently have about 15 active community producers ready to help you get your show on the road!  The process is easy! Just contact Allison Ford at with information about your idea and you are on your way!
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