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 Alert #10: FY2018         


1.  PURVIEW:  State (not federal)

2.  LEVEL OF MOBILIZATION:  staff, students, volunteers, friends, colleagues

3.  TIMELINE:  immediate 

On Thursday evening, the Massachusetts House of Representatives approved its version of the FY 2019 budget. As passed, the House's spending plan includes a total of $32.73 million for adult basic education, an increase of $3.1 million over current levels.
The House's proposed increase reflects the leadership and commitment of dozens of Representatives, including, most notably, the Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee, Jeffrey Sanchez (D-Jamaica Plain) and Representative Bob Koczera (D-New Bedford). In the lead-up to the House's budget debate, Representative Koczera offered an amendment that would have achieved an even larger boost in ABE funding and that won the backing of 76 of his colleagues. Though that amendment was not incorporated into the House's budget, the degree of support it received helps to set the stage for further action in the Senate.  
Indeed, while the House's proposed budget is a considerable step forward, there is still much ground to be covered in the journey toward ensuring that every adult in Massachusetts has access to the education and skills he or she needs to build a better life.   Adult education advocates must continue to explain to their State Senators the need for, and the benefits of, further restoring funding for adult education.
So, please set aside just a few minutes and:     
  • Call to thank your State Representative and Chairman Sanchez
    • Find your Representative here.
    • Review the list of Koczera amendment sponsors below to see if your Representative is among them.  
    • See how your Representative voted on the House's budget plan here.
    • Call your Representative to thank him or her for being a co-sponsor of the Koczera amendment and/or for voting for the increase and share with them the positive impact it will have in your program and your community.
  • Call your State Senator and ask him or her to build upon the House's version of the budget and to provide $34.5 million for adult basic education (line item #7035-0002) in FY2019.
    • Find your Senator here.
    • This higher level of funding would enable programs to enroll still more students, to reach under-served communities, to advance curriculum development, and to improve working conditions for dedicated directors, instructors, advisors, and counselors. The Senate will craft its own version of the FY 2019 budget in just a few weeks, so your calls now can have a major impact on the positions your Senators take.

In the end, the House's decision to bolster funding for adult education is the result of months of sustained effort by you and your peers - THANK YOU!  Please, take a moment to appreciate what you've accomplished so far, but also reflect upon what must still be done to secure vital resources for adult education in the coming year.

Koczera Amendment (#950) Cosponsors

Brian Ashe
William Galvin
Paul McMurtry
Ruth Balser
Sean Garballey
James Miceli
Christine Barber
Denise Garlick
Rady Mom
Tricia Farley-Bouvier
Carmine Gentile
Frank Moran
Antonio Cabral
Thomas Golden
Mathew Muratore
Daniel Cahill
Solomon Goldstein-Rose
Brian Murray
Linda Dean Campbell
Carlos González
David Nangle
Evandro Carvalho
Patricia Haddad
Smitty Pignatelli
Gerard Cassidy
Stephan Hay
Denise Provost
Tackey Chan
Natalie Higgins
Angelo Puppolo
Nick Collins
Kate Hogan
David Rogers
Mike Connolly
Russell Holmes
John Rogers
Edward Coppinger
Randy Hunt
Byron Rushing
William Crocker
Louis Kafka
Angelo Scaccia
Claire Cronin
Mary Keefe
Paul Schmid
Daniel Cullinane
Kay Khan
John Scibak
Michael Day
Robert Koczera
Frank Smizik
Marjorie Decker
Jack Lewis
Thomas Stanley
Diana DiZoglio
David Paul Linsky
Jose Tosado
Daniel Donahue
Jay Livingstone
Paul Tucker
William Driscoll
Adrian Madaro
Steven Ultrino
James Dwyer
Elizabeth Malia
Aaron Vega
Carolyn Dykema
Paul Mark
RoseLee Vincent
Lori Ehrlich
Juana Matias
Chris Walsh
Dylan Fernandes
Joseph McGonagle
Bud Williams
Carole A. Fiola
Joseph McKenna


Raise Up Massachusetts Congress - Tuesday, May 8
Come join the Raise Up Massachusetts campaign and hundreds of your fe llow citizens for a rally in support of paid family and medical leave and a $15 minimum wage! The Raise Up Congress will be held at 1 pm on Tuesday, May 8 at the State House in Boston and will be critical in demonstrating support for, and in pushing the legislature to act on, these key economic justice issues. The campaign will provide free bus transportation from select cities, including Springfield, Brockton, Lowell, Worcester, and Fall River, to the State House and back the day of the event.   

Click here to sign up for the rally and to see if free bus transportation is available in your part of the state.  


Email  Jeff McLynch or call 617-482-6223.

MAY 18, 2018 
 10 a.m. to 12 noon 
World Education
44 Farnsworth St
Boston, MA   

For those unable to attend in person, this month's meeting
is accessible via
conference call.

Please contact Jeff McLynch at 617-482-6223 to RSVP
and to obtain the necessary
 call-in information.