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 Alert #14: FY2017         


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FY18 BUDGET -- $29.63 MILLION for ABE 


-  This afternoon, the state Legislature passed the budget for FY18. 

-  The budget includes $29.63 million to fund ABE line item #7035-0002.

-  While we worked hard to preserve the $30.8 million in funding which the Senate recommended, the budget compromises made by the Joint Conference Committee reflect the revised revenue forecasts for FY18.  Revenue for the new fiscal year, which began on July 1, is now projected to be $700 million less than the forecasts the House and Senate used when they drafted their respective budgets this spring. 

-  Most state agencies were level funded, and the Conference Committee made some significant cuts so ABE fared reasonably well. 

-  In FY18, there was $350,000 in earmarks ($250,000 for Operation ABLE in Boston; $50,000 for Casa Dominicana in Lawrence; and $50,000 for the Lawrence Family Development and Education Fund, Inc. in Lawrence) compared to $375,000 in FY17.

-  Below is a chart showing the different allocations during the FY18 budget process and a comparison to FY17 and FY16.  The figures show some increase in FY18 even after we account for earmarks and 9C cuts.

-  Regardless of the budget outcome due to the state's changing financial picture, we had significant support in the Legislature for our requests for an increase.

-  MCAE has always had a reputation among legislators for conducting respectful campaigns and for saying thank you.

Please take a moment to contact the offices of your state representative and your state senator to thank them for their support of ABE during this budget process.

-  To find your legislator, go to my legislator. 
-  We also want to say thank you for all the ways in which you made your voice and the voice of MCAE and ABE heard during the budget process.  Thank you for making calls, sending emails and letters, having appointments at the State House and inviting legislators to visit your programs. 

-  Everything you did was important and necessary, and we wouldn't have the support for ABE that we have without you.


- Email  Jeff McLynch or call 617-482-6223 (office) or 617-835-1421 (mobile).


AUGUST 4, 2017


 10 a.m. to 12 noon 


World Education
44 Farnsworth St
Boston, MA   

via videoconference:
Picknelly Education Center Holyoke, MA


Contact Sarah Schmidt

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