August 2019 Newsletter
Streamingteacher presents: New Features Webinar Series
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Thursday, August 1st
Mill: Part 2 (with Router!)
Thursday, August 8th
Mill 3D
Thursday, August 15th
Thursday, August 22nd
Thursday, August 29th
Save the Dates!
Join MCAM Northwest and other Industry Leaders for live programming and cutting demonstrations using the latest and greatest products on the market! Bring your questions and find out how your shop can benefit today! Lunch will be provided.
Streamingteacher, Inc. Celebrates
The #1 Online Training Site for Mastercam is all new! Now featuring:
  • Modern, user-friendly interface
  • Lower Pricing! Learn the basics of Mastercam with a FREE account
  • Up your Mastercam game with a PRO or TEAM account to access the new Weekly Projects, unlock the Presentation areas, learn Intermediate and Advanced levels of Mastercam, and more!
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HEIDENHAIN Post Now Available
CNC Software, Inc., the developers of Mastercam CAD/CAM software, are pleased to announce the release of a new post processor. The HEIDENHAIN TNC 5X MILL was developed by our corporate post department working with the technical expertise of HEIDENHAIN CNC engineers. Our applications team, beta testers, and Resellers were also part of the collaborative effort to create and test the post.
Markforged Minutes
Garrett shows you how to load Carbon Fiber in a Markforged X7 composite 3D printer. Markforged has the easiest and fastest material loading process on the market. Get your printer running in minutes, not hours.
Streamingteacher Tip
The Find Extents feature in Mastercam Code Expert is an excellent tool for reviewing your G-code.
Did You Know?

Mastercam is the
#1 CNC Software in the World!
Thanks to YOU , Mastercam now has over 250,000 licenses world-wide. Users on Maintenance have the ability to beta test the software prior to any major updates. The feedback and suggestions offered by everyday Mastercam users is invaluable and one of the reasons why Mastercam stays #1. The limits of technology are continuously challenged, keeping your machines and your business on the cutting edge.
Overcoming Manufacturing Challenges with Composite &
Metal 3D Printing

Explore application use cases from conformal workholding to tooling inserts, and discover how composite and metal 3D printing technologies from Markforged can help you overcome common tooling and fixturing roadblocks.

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(503) 653-5332