Let Others Know You are an
MCB Community!
Show your spirit for being a Missouri Community Betterment community by getting MCB signs for your community. MCB communities are encouraged to post a sign at their city limits showing they are an MCB community. The MCB board voted to give each community their first sign at no charge. Additional signs purchased in 2016 will cost the community $25 plus shipping, (if applicable).
The MCB signs are 18 inches by 18 inches, pantone colors digitally printed with reflective materials with a life expectancy of approximately 5 years. The sign has the MCB logo and Missouri Community Betterment wording on it. The signs are erected by the city and the city is responsible for installing and maintaining. The sign is erected on its own post adjacent to the city limit sign. If the sign is knocked down, the City is responsible for putting the sign back up. MCB is not liable for the sign, its maintenance or anything else related to the sign.
This is a terrific way to market your Community!
The community betterment group will work with city officials to complete the required Agreement with MoDOT. The City must contact MoDOT requesting approval to erect a sign on their right of way. MoDOT's district traffic specialist will assess the area the city plans to erect the sign(s) ensuring signs do not interfere with the safe operation of the roadway system.  Any questions regarding the signing and its agreement process may contact Christa Atchison, MCB Executive Director, christa@mocommunitybetterment.com .
The sign(s) will be shipped from the office in Clinton.  Arrangements can be made to receive signs at an MCB event once all documentation is complete and the MoDOT TR42 Agreement (Signing Installed and Maintained by Applicant) is executed by the City and MoDOT. MoDOT will provide a copy of the executed agreement to our Clinton office and then a sign is provided to the community for the city to erect.
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