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Council of Elders Reflection

on MCC's Mission, Vision, Core Values and Statement of Faith

MAY 2023 



Metropolitan Community Church is compelled by an unfinished calling and a prophetic destiny. We are a global movement of spiritually and sexually diverse people who are fully awake to God’s enduring love. Following the example of Jesus and empowered by the Spirit, we seek to build leading-edge church communities that demand, proclaim, and do justice in the world.


Vision includes hopes and dreams and values. Vision leans into both who we are now where God meets us and who we can be because God does not leave us where she meets us. There are moments when we try our sincere best and might just get one step closer or feel like we haven’t moved at all. These days it may feel like we’re going backwards. Yet, no matter how many times we get knocked down, we get up again. Vision can birth resilience.


There are other justice oriented organizations and denominations. Often, they may limit their good work to one or two compelling causes. Often, they may miss how important spirituality is to the work that lasts longer than one generation. Often, they may miss truly being welcoming to LGBTQI folks, even though it is their hearts desire and says so on the church sign. Often, they may do great gymnastics to keep at the good work with the limitations of government grants or demanding donors.


Our founder, Rev. Elder Troy Perry’s vision continues to be compelling and life changing in our embattled world—to keep spirituality and sensuality in lively conversation and action is justice work and brings healing to the world and where, when we are at our best, we are the leading edge of what wholeness for all God’s kids can be. So we stretch, willing to make mistakes, willing to get back up again because love in action keeps Jesus at the lead. 


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