Metropolitan Community Church
of Baton Rouge Weekly News
August  22, 2018
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Note These Upcoming Events!

Immersion Baptism
4 pm.
Potluck/Pool Party
4:30 pm. 

Leslie Palmer is preaching
11 am.
Lunch at Jason's Deli
12:15 pm.

Dining with PRIDE 
11 am. -Midnight

Pridefest Meeting  
7 pm.

Month of August
"Pantyraid" for


Board of Directors Meetings:  Second Monday 7 p.m.

Rainbow Ladies of MCC
Dinner, 2nd Thursdays
(More info of Facebook)

Rainbow Network
Dinner, 3rd Sundays
AA Meetings: Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays, 8 p.m.
Last Saturdays, 2 p.m.

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Come As You Are


We believe all are welcome in the family of God, and we practice a ministry of inclusion and love. We are committed to providing an open and safe community and equipping ourselves to do the work all of us are called by God to do in this world.


We believe that lives are transformed when people are freed from the oppressive religious environment of our day, so we provide instead a message of liberation designed to help everyone experience true life through God.   


We believe Christian social action can make a difference in our world. And we know that by being real people practicing real worship and real faith, each of us can play our part in making this world a better place for everyone.


 We invite you to

"Come As You Are

to MCCBR."

Everyone is welcome!


As Pentecost season continues, we look for the Spirit to guide us, comfort us, excite us!  Not only is the Spirit alive IN us, the Spirit works THROUGH us! One of the best ways to see the Spirit at work is to be more involved in our Faith Community and the Baton Rouge Rainbow Community, as well. Take a look at some of the many opportunities to do just that!

James Hartman is our gap preacher

James' term as our gap pastor begins September 1, for 4 months and is renewable if we need him.  He will be with us until we find the permanent pastor God has for us. We will post his office schedule soon. He will bring our message on September 2nd.  Let's make him feel welcome and help him any way we can.
  This Saturday:  Immersion Baptism,  potluck Picnic,  & pool party
Our annual immersion baptism, potluck picnic, and pool party is this Saturday, August 25, at the home of Morris and Zel at 5252 Westdale Drive.  Join us at 4:00 pm to participate in or quietly observe the brief
 baptism service officiated by Leslie Palmer.  The pool party and potluck picnic will begin around 4:30 pm Plan to swim and visit as long as you would like.  To assure a sufficient variety and quantity of food, please contact Morris by Thursday afternoon at 802-2211 to let him know what dish or dishes you plan to bring.  Bring your swim suit and towel.  If you have easily collapsible and transportable lawn chairs, bring those as well.  The house is on the south side of the Webb Park golf course one block off College Drive at the corner of Westdale and Marshall.  Park along Marshall and enter by the side gate.  This is a fun time for families and any guests are also welcome.  
Sunday, Aug 26, 11:00 am. 
 Leslie Palmer brings our message

     Leslie is Spirit-Filled, so let's look forward to a Powerful Message!!  
This Sunday, Aug. 26, after Church. 
Jason's Deli
 Join us for lunch at Jason's Deli 2531 Citiplace Ct, Baton Rouge, LA  70808.

Monday, Aug. 27, 11:00 am. till midnight
Dining with PRIDE fundraiser

      Join us at your choice of time at Buffalo Wings, 3260 Highland Rd. and help us raise money for Pridefest 2019.  Be sure and get a flyer from the front desk at the church to turn in your payment so Pride will get a portion.  
Tuesday7:00 pm.  Pridefest Meeting

Tuesday, August 28, 7:00 pm:  Baton Rouge Pridefest planning meeting here.  Everyone is welcome, and volunteers are needed
Don't forget:  Panty raid for STAR now in progress

       Don't forget to bring your donations of clothing, undergarments, toiletries, personal items this Sunday.  Cash is accepted as well.  Let's do our part to help victims of Sexual trauma feel our compassion with these items.

Dear Saints,

We are looking forward to having James Hartman as our Gap Pastor starting September 1st. Now that we have our Gap Pastor in place, we can start focusing on our search for a permanent pastor. Continue to look in our E-News for updates. 
What a powerful message we heard from Bishop Dr. Joyce Turner-Keller   this past Sunday.  We are looking forward to seeing you this Saturday at the immersion baptism, potluck, pool party. We will be hearing again from one of our own, Leslie Palmer this coming Sunday. We know we will be in for a Spirit filled sermon.
God bless,
Rhonda Waldrop, Vice Moderator BOD
Metropolitan Community Church of Baton Rouge      

Remember, join us this Sunday at 11 a.m. at Freedom Center at 7747 Tom Drive for a worship celebration of the blessings we do have!