Fall Newsletter
New Infrastructure Bill Creates New Opportunities for Electric Vehicles in Maine
Over the next 5 years, Maine can expect to receive around $2.37 billion in direct funding to repair and rebuild our state's infrastructure.

Maine will receive $19 million allocated to expanding the existing network of EV charging stations. This funding will be a big boost to the charging network in Maine, expect to see more information soon! Join the Drive Electric Maine stakeholder group to hear more at our December 9th quarterly meeting.

Read more from the Portland Press Herald here.
For more information please visit the article linked below.
Med- & Heavy-Duty EV Policy Proposal
On Thursday, November 4th, a public hearing occurred, addressing Gov. Janet Mills' new proposal to adopt California's Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT) regulation. This regulation would set requirements for vehicle manufacturers to sell an increasing amount of electric medium and heavy-duty vehicles. According to an article by Maine Public, the hearing resulted in a better understanding of different stakeholders' opinions. The Maine Automobile Dealers Association's president, Thomas Brown, expressed concerns about construction and logging companies not being ready to switch to EV as soon as the proposal intends. While Ecomaine General Manager, Kevin Roche, had expressed their support for the proposition.
South Portland Officials Developing New Ordinance Requiring Most New and Rebuilt Parking Areas to Include EV Charging
South Portland would be the second Maine city to adopt a new ordinance requiring EV charging stations to be implemented on new and rebuilt parking infrastructure. The city would provide waivers for those who need financial assistance and guides for efficient and equitable installation. This ordinance directly responds to both the city and state's progressive climate action plans to decrease fossil fuel emissions and increase EV accessibility. 

Read more from the Sun Journal here.
Interested in getting funding for an electric school bus?
EPA will fund 7$ million electric school bus rebates in underserved communities. The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP) appropriated funds to the EPA for “activities that identify and address disproportionate environmental or public health harms and risks in minority populations or low-income populations” under several programs, including the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA).
Medium & Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicle Webinar #4 Summary
On October 21st Maine Clean Communities, Granite State Clean Cities, and Vermont Clean Cities hosted the fourth webinar in the Med- and Heavy-Duty Webinar Series. The webinar focused on electric school and transit bus technology. After an update from the three hosts about current electric school buses and metro buses in each state, we heard from six different vendors. The presentations included:

Jim Anderson - Blue Bird
Maria Brown - Lion Electric
Matt Stanberry - Highland Electric Fleet
Lisa Lillelund - Proterra
Randy Premo - BYD
John Hroncich - BAE Systems

The webinar is recorded and available on our website. We will be continuing the series in January with a webinar about charging infrastructure. Stay up to date with all previous and future webinars on our Outreach & Engagement tab on our Maine Clean Communities site.
Webinar #4: Electric Transit and School Buses
EV Lending Program

GPCOG is lending a fully electric 2020, Kia Niro, to any individual or business who would like to experience an electric vehicle for up to a week at a time. The only requirements are that drivers must have a valid driver's license and agree to stay in Maine with the vehicle.
After testing out the Kia Niro for a week, a recent user was excited about the range, visibility, and cargo space. She exclaimed it is a "strong contender" in her search for a new car! With limited car inventory in the state trying out the GPCOG Niro is a great way to get a feel for how an EV drives.

If interested, please fill out this form to reserve the Niro.