MCC Fellowship Communication #2
from the MCC Moderator Nominating Committee
We bring greetings and blessings to all across the MCC Fellowship with this, our second e-mail communication. We are excited to share the next very important step in the Moderator election process, the opening of nominations and applications. We also have some information to share with you:

• A summary of the results from the Moderator Nominating Committee Survey [ ]

• And a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) from our first webinar and emails we have received

• A recording of our first webinar

In mid-November, we will be sending out the call for nominations and application for Moderator of MCC. The application process will include information gathered from our earlier survey, in which we sought feedback on key characteristics, responsibilities, skills, attributes and qualities most desired in our next Moderator.
Applications for Moderator will close on 30 January 2019
We encourage every Member and Friend of MCC to feel empowered to read the call for nominations and application documents and earnestly pray about your role in this process.

PLEASE NOTE: Every applicant is required to have someone nominate them for consideration.

The nomination and application process:
  • If you strongly feel that someone would make an excellent Moderator, and would like to nominate them, we encourage you to contact that person directly and ask them to prayerfully consider applying. Both the person nominating and the applicant will need to fill out the relevant sections on the application form.

  • If you strongly feel that you are called to the position of Moderator, we encourage you to apply yourself before January 30, 2019. You will need someone to nominate you, and both the person nominating and the applicant will need to fill out the relevant sections on the application form.

  • Finally, if you feel uncomfortable directly contacting a potential candidate, you may send a nomination form with the name of the potential candidate, along with contact information and a brief explanation of why you feel they would make an excellent Moderator, to us at before January 11, 2019. We will then contact the person on your behalf to let them know they have been nominated, and to ask them to prayerfully consider applying. Only the applicant will need to fill out the application form. Be assured that we will contact every person suggested to us, and we will not be filtering candidates at this stage of the process. 

We are also scheduling our next set of webinars in early to mid-January, and will announce the dates and times at least 3 weeks in advance.

Please continue to send additional questions or provide your input to us at . We really want to hear from you!

You can also stay up to date with our work by checking our webpage at:

May God’s spirit of peace, wisdom and unity work in and through us during this exciting time in our Fellowship’s journey!

In Christ's Service,

Your 2019 Moderator Nominating Committee
Velma Garcia (Co-Chair)
Rev Gavin Ward (Co-Chair)
Rev Brendan Y Boone (Vice-Chair)
Kellie Taylor-White
Stan Kimer
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