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Thank you so much for the outpouring of love and support for your MCC siblings who have been impacted by recent powerful hurricanes! We know the need continues to be great in many places as people work to recover from these disasters, which is why we are announcing the opening of our Disaster Relief Fund.

It is heartwarming to see the generosity of spirit, time and finances already shared. Our churches in Puerto Rico and Cuba have been collecting and distributing water, food, and supplies to those most impacted. Trinity MCC in Gainesville, Florida, USA, St. Jude’s MCC in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA and St. John’s MCC in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA opened their churches as shelters from the storm. St. John’s gave shelter to 102 people the night Hurricane Ian came ashore in the Carolinas. MCC Tampa and others have been able to meet the increased need for their food pantries. A number of Florida churches have already collected and delivered water to St. John the Apostle MCC, in Ft. Myers, Florida, USA, one of the hardest hit areas. Members from MCC Tampa and Church of the Trinity MCC (Sarasota) are helping SunCoast MCC (Venice) with a cleanup day on Friday 7 October to clean up debris and downed trees on their property as well as helping with cleanup at the homes of members. Thank you, everyone, for reaching out to friends and colleagues and for praying for one another in your worship services.

Our MCC church buildings and meeting spaces were spared significant damage. Our two Governing Board members who live in Florida are safe and fine. Two of our MCC Staff members incurred damage to their homes and remain without power and internet. Committed to the core, both of these staffers have carried on with some of their MCC work, utilizing their cell phone service.

Loss of power and internet remain issues for parts of Puerto Rico, Cuba, and parts of the western Florida coast. Severe flooding from the storm surge and heavy rains still means that people are isolated from assistance or from the homes they evacuated. A number of MCC folk have lost their homes entirely while others have suffered damage. The clean up is going to take quite some time. Meanwhile, people continue to need assistance with the basics of water, food, shelter, clothing and medications. 

Therefore, the Governing Board has launched the MCC Disaster Relief Fund. The Governing Board passed the following motion:

Motion - to launch a disaster relief fund appeal which will support MCC churches affected by recent hurricanes and any funds not used can be retained for future needs related to disaster relief.

With climate change producing more and more powerful storms, as well as droughts and fires, we can anticipate the need to provide assistance and support through many more natural disasters. You can donate to this Disaster Relief Fund here:

The Fellowship Sunday Offering will be redirected to the Disaster Fund! 

Pray With Us

Eternal God,


May your presence among us be evident by the care and generosity we show to one another, as we deal with the aftermath of the recent hurricanes. We pray for those who are struggling at this time and give thanks for those who are supporting them. In the weeks and months ahead, may our social action continue to answer the needs of the communities we serve, and may our justice work challenge the inequalities that are exposed during this time. In your many names, in the name of Jesus, and through the power of the Holy Spirit we pray. Amen. 


God bless,

Reverend Elder Cecilia Eggleston


Metropolitan Community Churches


If your church or community is experiencing hardship as a result of Hurricane Fiona or Ian, your church can apply for assistance by writing a letter expressing the need and how you would use the funds. The letter should come from the Pastor or the Board. This MCC assistance may be used to support such things as. Your church’s Benevolence Fund through which you could assist impacted members or the local community

  • The increased demand on your Food Pantry
  • Distribution of water
  • Repairs to your church building

Initially, application requests may be for amounts up to $1,000 (US). Additional applications might be possible as funds come in. Send your letter of application to  

Again, we encourage individuals to contact their local MCC for support and to access the resources of agencies like FEMA (in USA) and the Red Cross. Those in the United States may call 211 to learn about other emergency services that may be available.

Church Impact Updates

ICM Cristocéntrica de Restauración Integral and ICM Cristo Sanador in Puerto Rico continue to deal with no power in many areas

Somos ICM & ICM Havana (Cuba) - continue to have power blackouts in the area. Read about the impact in Cuba that mentions our churches here: 

St. John the Apostle MCC, Ft. Myers, Florida, USA - People have lost their home, their transportation, and their workplace. Rev. Craig saysthe long-term impacts of this storm will last well after essential services are restored.” Rev. Craig has been working with local authorities and volunteers assessing the needs. MCC sent $500 to St. John the Apostle MCC in the days immediately following the hurricane. Sunshine Cathedral (Fort Lauderdale) and Christ the King MCC (St. Petersburg) delivered truckloads of bottled water which Rev. Craig and others distributed. 

In Florida, USA, MCC Key West, Church of the Trinity MCC (Sarasota), Beyond These Walls MCC (Punta Gorda), and SunCoast MCC (Venice) reported minor damage to the church building and grounds. All members are OK although some have damage to their homes. 

Christ the King MCC (St. Petersburg), MCC Tampa, and Joy MCC (Orlando) all experienced heavy rains and flooding in the area but report that their churches and members are OK.

Likewise, St. Jude’s MCC (Wilmington, North Carolina), St. John’s MCC (Raleigh, North Carolina), Imani MCC (Durham, North Carolina) and other churches further inland reported heavy rains and wind with minimal flooding and debris.

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