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Presenter Demonstration Sessions:
What You Need to Know
A key to being a successful ACE Interface candidate/presenter is to remember we are a Community of Practice! The Presenter Demonstration Session is a great opportunity to meet with MCCC Staff to showcase your presenter skills and knowledge around the concepts in the curriculum, highlight your strengths, reflect together upon opportunities for further development, and to ask questions! Here a few tips as you prepare:
Understanding Historical Trauma Key to Strengthening Community
We know the way we see and experience the world around us is influenced by many factors – including our culture, how we were raised, and the unique challenges we have overcome along the way. An emerging field of research – Epigenetics – adds another layer of awareness to help us better understand how the experiences of previous generations impact us and who we are today.  Understanding the impact of Historical Trauma and Epigenetics from the American Indian perspective is a necessary step toward building more equitable and inclusive communities in Minnesota and beyond.
Community Highlights & Ripples of Impact
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What the 2019 Minnesota Student Survey data reveals about ACEs, Protective Factors and Resilience
Wednesday February 19, noon – 1:30 | With Melissa Adolfson and Jacquie Freund

The data from the spring 2019 Minnesota Student Survey is out and we are excited for a “first look” at what it has to say about ACEs, Protective Factors, and Resilience. We’ll look at what the survey shows about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) facing Minnesota Youth, how the presence of protective factors impacts outcomes often associated with ACEs, and Melissa will share a template she’s developing for a Resilience score.
Delivering an Engaging Presentation: Tips and Tools
Wednesday March 18, noon – 1:30 | With MCCC staff

You’ve attended the two-day presenter training, you’ve practiced presenting, you know the material, now how do you make the presentation engaging for your audience? We’ll talk about and practice experiential tools you can use in the course of presenting, and welcome ideas you bring to share!
How Resilience Mitigates Early Trauma
Complete January 19th Webinar Now Available Online

Drawing on his extensive experience working with traumatized youth at Northwoods Children's Services, Dr. Dean Grace will explain that traumatization is a sensory experience. Helping people overcome trauma is about helping them change their core feelings and beliefs about self. This means filling the absence of safety with a reliable assurance of support and replacing a sense of powerlessness with self-efficacy. Once we recognize what is needed the process of building resilience is, as Dr. Ann Masten explains, "simple, not easy". We'll examine an approach successfully implemented in schools and youth serving programs. 
Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): Leveraging the Best Available Evidence
"An estimated 62% of adults surveyed across 23 states reported that they had experienced one ACE during childhood and nearly one-quarter reported that they had experienced three or more ACEs. ACEs can have negative, lasting effects on health, wellbeing, and opportunity."
Webinar Series on ACEs and Child Maltreatment Prevention
The Program for Injury Prevention, Education & Research is offering a webinar series about research in progress related to ACEs and child maltreatment prevention. In each session, you will learn about the research topic and methodology, and have the opportunity to engage with the researchers to share your ideas and questions! Registration is live – visit the website to sign up for webinars.