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Today's Devotion provided by
Cathy Batson 

The Power of Tenderness


As I read the words of Silent Night, and let the song dance across my mind I noticed that my thoughts collided with precious memories, memories I have not allowed to surface for a long time. I found the words very comforting and buried memories were coaxed out of hiding.

My mother, who is now deceased, sang in the church choir when I was a child. Every Christmas season the choir would sing Silent Night and I felt so comforted hearing the words being sung, offered to me by the very person that offered nothing by comfort and love each time she so much as uttered a single word. It felt as though she was singing a sweet lullaby to me personally despite the church being filled with others.


"Silent night, Holy night, all is calm all is bright . . . ." Hearing those words made me feel safe, hopeful, secure, that there was nothing that I would not be able to accomplish.


With Advent comes anticipation, hope, peace and promise. Tonight as I enter slumber, my heavenly peace, I am filled with hope of new life and new love for Jesus. God continues to bless me with an abundance of love for my brothers and sisters of all ages, races, genders, beliefs, and different spiritual and religious backgrounds.


We are all reaching for God's love, grace and mercy.


Amen, Amen and Ashe'


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