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Today's Devotion provided by
Tim Helm
Offered in honor of Frank Wirmusky 

Check Engine Soon

I purchased my blue Nissan Versa eighteen years ago.  It has proven to be a reliable car, keeping me safe in all of my journeys over the years. 


check engine light

Recently, the CHECK ENGINE SOON light appeared on my car's dashboard, a reminder that, as it approaches 100,000 miles of service, it's time for me to make sure all my car's operating parts and equipment are in good working order.


I am a Sagittarian, so Advent also includes a birthday celebration for me.  This month, I will be celebrating my 60th birthday.  It occurred to me that, like my faithful Versa, my spiritual journey's CHECK YOUR LIGHT OF CHRIST also is blinking a reminder. 


How is my relationship with God?  Have parts of my life grown dimmer over the years?  How often do I give God thanks and praise? 


This Advent I am reflecting on ways that I can allow shadows that have grown in me to be transformed into love and life, checking in on all the various aspects of my aging spiritual engine!


For me, Advent is all about making sure that the Light of Christ in each of us is shining brightly as we prepare to celebrate the lighting of the Christ candle. 

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