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Today's Devotion provided by
Rev. Cathy Alexander

I enjoy the song Silent Night. Especially hearing it sung in four part harmony. One of my favorite versions is performed by the Temptations.
Take a listen to their rendition...

The Temptations - Silent Night (A Temptations Montage)
The Temptations - Silent Night 
(A Temptations Montage)

What I enjoy about this interpretation is that it is consistent with the group's sound. They weren't trying to sound like anyone but themselves. From the high, high falsettos of Eddie Kendricks to the low, low, smooth baritone sounds of Otis Williams. I think I'm drawn to it because we don't usually hear baritone/bass solos in pop music and this one is super silky.

My growing up memories of Silent Night and the Christmas season are filled with family and traditions. My brother and father (both deceased) loved this season.  My brother was well known for his epic decorations, including a scale model ornament of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701. The lights even worked. I also remember my father very meticulously selecting our Christmas tree each year. He alternated between his favorite, a Scotch pine, and my favorite, a Douglas fir. He loved his little girl. The song brings back those sweet/bitter memories.

During this holiday season, I will throw back my head and be blessed by our congregations' singing of this song. Although I confess that I throw my head back and sing most Sundays. I encourage us each to allow the music to enter our hearts and spirits. Join me in praying for God's Spirit to hold our hearts and provide what we seek there. 

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