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Today's Devotion provided by
James Newkirk

Prayer for Renewal

Advent sunrise
Holy God, Sovereign Creator, we beseech You during this Advent Season: Grant us spiritual renewal as we seek to draw closer to You. 
Open our eyes, liberate our hearts, cleanse our minds, and allow us to rededicate our spirits unto You.  In the midst of uncertainty, reluctance, and frustration, Holy One, we know You provide comfort, reassurance, and patience.
As we prepare to celebrate our beloved Savior's birth, reignite in us passion for ministry, spiritual connection among each other, and boldness in, from, and through You.  Continue to empower us to shine in the midst of dim and foreboding circumstances. 
Great Provider, we are grateful You linger with us as we welcome Your Holy Spirit, opening new revelations in and through us.  May Your spiritual gifts be manifested today and always. 
Help us to recognize and respond to Your call on us to comfort and support those in need, to be beacons of hope and care in this hard world.  Come, Holy Creator, dwell and reign with and in us during this season, and guide us to be open to our divine destiny.
We ask this and all things in Your Mighty Name!  Amen, amen, and amen!!!

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