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Today's Devotion provided by
Jules Christian

Advent: The Season of Anticipation
Christmas is coming!

The festive season of joy that celebrates the good news that God is with us! Before the leaves even start changing colors we see signs of Christmas coming everywhere we go. But if we truly want to experience good tidings of great joy, and once again rejoice in the coming of Emmanuel, we can't miss out on the season of Advent. Advent is far more than lighting candles and counting days on the calendar; Advent is anticipation!

Imagine with me for a moment a roller coaster ride. As marvelous (o r terrifying if you aren't a fan of roller coasters) as the drops and turns that pump the adrenaline into our veins may be, those same thrills would not be nearly as satisfying without  the  anticipation. 

Clink..........clink..........clink.........Clink...Clink...Clink....clink, clink, cl ink, clinkclinkclinkclink....(wait for it)......Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Or imagine with me those special intimate moments with your lo
ve. As pleasurable as the climax can be, getting to that point is often th
e best part. The holding, exploring, and caressing, and all of the wonderful sensations that await, as we build to a happy end is the difference between having sex and making love.

The same is true with this season. Just as we enjoy an amusement park ride or a night of passion more because of the anticipation, we will enjoy Christmas more if we fully embrace the season of Advent. As we wait for the coming of Jesus, as we look forward to sharing time with family and friends, as we search for that perfect tangible expression of our love, may we stop, savor, breathe, reflect, feel and listen during this season of Advent. May we not be so quick to get to Christmas that we miss out on all that God imparts to us in these sacred days of anticipation.  

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