MCCF Monthly
January 2020
Letter from the Director
A new year is upon us and I can already notice the slight increase in daylight. The thermometer won’t admit it, and despite three hard months of winter looming, spring is in the air at MCCF. We have lots of plans for engaging with fishermen and community members in the coming months as we strive to listen to and learn from local voices and perspectives on our fisheries, what’s changing around us, and how we can all be better prepared to live, work and prosper in this amazing place. We are busy planning our year with our monthly “Lunch and Learn” talk series, new displays at our “ Discovery Wharf” at the Center on Stonington Harbor, and lots of other ways to keep us all talking and learning from each other. We look forward to seeing you.

Happy New Year,

Paul Anderson
Executive Director
Scallop Update: Slow Start to Season
Maine’s scallop season is well underway. What started as a slow start for both draggers and divers in the local area, the season has picked up mid-way through. Sue Buxton, owner of Day Boat Fresh Seafood, shares, “From what I can see the scallop season is going fairly well. Not any epic catches in the area, but overall okay.” 

The island-based seafood dealer explains, “The catches did look a bit scary the first two weeks of the season, but the guys are finding their groove, and spots to be in.” To help sustain the state’s scallop fishery, the Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) set rotational zones in place to determine whether a specific area is open or closed to harvesters. These closures allow scallops to grow to full size before harvested.

Besides scallops, Buxton sells an array of local seafood products including lobster, halibut, oysters, soft-shell clams and more to prestigious chefs throughout Maine and beyond. 

“Aside from Day Boat Fresh Seafood, I continue to spend most of my time marketing and promoting our island and peninsula, and the many hard working and devoted fishermen that call this beautiful place home. I feel very lucky to be able to continue educating chefs who care as much as we do on where their seafood comes from and the measures we take to keep our fisheries healthy and vibrant.”  

The scallop season is scheduled to end in March for draggers and April for divers, that is as long as DMR does not announce early area closures.

Detailed scallop maps for the local area and drag/dive schedules are available at the MCCF office. Not local? Send us an email at or call the office at 207.367.2708 and we can happily mail copies to you.  
EMSP Talk Fisheries in Augusta
Last week the Eastern Maine Skippers Program (EMSP) gathered for its second cohort event of the school year. This cohort was arranged to support the "At the Table" portion of EMSP’s core content. 

To introduce the students to the state level components of fishery rules and regulation, EMSP staff organized a trip to Augusta to visit the State House and the Maine Department of Marine Resources. Students and teachers from six of the nine participating schools, and Steuben fisherman, Captain Mike Sargent attended an introductory tour of the state capital building. Joining the students, Representative Genevieve McDonald, provided an overview of how citizen concerns can find their way into a bill or suggested rule making. She also arranged for Governor Mills and former Speaker of the House, Hannah Pingree, to meet the students and learn more about EMSP.  

The group spent the afternoon at the Department of Marine Resources where they met with key personnel, including Carl Wilson, Research Division Head, Kathleen Reardon, Lead Lobster Scientist, Sarah Cotnoir, Resource Management Coordinator, and included a special visit from Commissioner Patrick Keliher. Skipper students also met, Deidre Gilbert, Director of Marine Policy and Sergeant Matt Talbot of Marine Patrol. Students had the opportunity to share their project topics and participate in an informative Q&A session with Representative McDonald, the Commissioner and DMR staff. 

The purpose of the trip was to help the students gain confidence toward future interactions with state government and the Department of Marine Resources. A special thank you to Representative Genevieve, Representative Hepler, Mike Sargent, and all the individuals at DMR for arranging such an informative and educational experience.
Upcoming Events
Winterfest 2020

Saturday, January 18
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Deer Isle-Stonington
Elementary School
249 N Deer Isle Rd, Deer Isle

Join MCCF and other community organizations as we get out of the cold and come together for a day of fun. The MCCF team will be promoting upcoming safety training opportunities for fishermen. Stop by and say hello!
Fishermen's Forum

Thursday, March 5
Friday, March 6
Saturday, March 7

Samoset Resort
220 Warrenton St, Rockport

MCCF is excited to be a part of this year's annual event where we will host TWO sessions on Friday, March 6. Visit our website for more details and don't forget to stop by our booth and chat with our staff.
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