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Therapeutic Living Centers for the Blind - Dedicated to caring for the lifetime needs of individuals with multiple disabilities and blindness.  
MCCU has been a long-time supporter of Therapeutic Living Centers for the Blind (TLC). TLC believes in the value of each individual and promotes the philosophy that each participant can be assisted to achieve his or her full potential. 

Located in Reseda, TLC was founded over 40 years ago by a group of dedicated parents who did not want to see their children spend their lives in an institution. Those parents took it upon themselves to open California’s first residence for adults with multiple disabilities and blindness.

TLC’s Residential Program has expanded to include 12 community-based homes for over 80 clients. As needs for individuals with visual impairments and multiple disabilities grew, TLC expanded its programs and services.

Today, in addition to the Residential Program, TLC has day and afterschool programs for children and adults, and an Early Intervention Program. Over 300 individuals and families are served by TLC every year. In addition to the core programs, TLC provides community outreach services such as vision screenings, crisis intervention, and family support groups. On any given day, the clients of TLC can be seen gardening, cooking, creating artwork, taking field trips, and having singalongs.
To learn more and get involved please visit: www.tlc4blind.org