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August 2016
Message from The President & CEO
"The glue that holds all relationships together - including the relationship between the leader and the led - is trust, and trust is based on integrity." - Brian Tracy

I love this quote because it ties together two of my personal values, trust and integrity; two values I believe are critical to building strong relationships - whether at work or in one's personal life.

Those of you that know me well know I am a huge Stephen R. Covey fan. His metaphor of the Emotional Bank Account is all about building trust. In order to build a strong, trusting relationship with someone you make "deposits" based on your actions and words. For example, a leader can make "deposits" in an employee's Emotional Bank Account by being supportive, fair, taking the time to listen, etc. This builds trust. The more deposits, the more trust, the more solid the relationship.  Building Trust

Sadly, a leader can also make "withdrawals". Not listening to an employee's concerns, being disrespectful and not showing appreciation are all "withdrawals" which erode the trust in the relationship.
We all make withdrawals occasionally, no matter how good a leader we are. The idea is to build the deposits up to the point where an occasional withdrawal will not have the same impact.

Consider this situation: You have had a particularly stressful day. Your employee comes into your office and asks you the same question you have answered twice already. You snap at them. Under normal conditions you would be more patient. You would try and understand why they were asking the question again (deposit). You might even consider what you had done wrong since they didn't "get it" the first two times (deposit). But because you were stressed, you snapped, creating a withdrawal.

If you have a strong level of trust with this employee, they will understand. They will know this is not your normal mode of operation. They may even ask what's wrong and offer to help. However, if you have a low level of trust, it will get even lower. 

Remember, trust is the glue that will hold the relationship between the leader and the led together. Work on building up those deposits!     


Audie McCarthy
President & CEO, Mohawk College Enterprise
P.S. Keep reading for tips on building trust and for a link to a video on The Emotional Bank Account.   
MCE  Announcements  and  Events

Welcome Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation
MCE provided the Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation with a two-day Leadership and Communication course. This course covered a variety of topics including team structure and behaviours, leadership dynamics and working with different personality types. Our facilitator, Laura Cole did an amazing job working with this dynamic management team. We look forward to working with their frontline staff on customer service skills in the near future.  

Check out this article, 'Soft Skills' Critical in the Age of Social Media, written by one of MCE's Business Development Officers, Kris Michailow. 

As an Instructor for PEMAC for the past 12 years, I have seen tremendous growth in the knowledge and confidence level of hundreds of maintenance personnel across Canada and especially here in Southern Ontario.

The eight modules provided by PEMAC escalate the knowledge of the students in all areas of maintenance, finance, HR and production.  In doing so, they gain an enhanced understanding of the big picture and how maintenance contributes to the profitability of their company.    Through new approaches to increased effectiveness and efficiency, these Maintenance Management Professionals (MMP) learn that maintenance is far more than just fixing assets and running Preventive Maintenance programs.

I encourage all managers and executives to support your maintenance staff to participate in this extensive program so they can help you remain competitive, increase profits and add value to your organization.

Roger Davies
MCE Facilitator
President, Da-trol Group Inc. (1987)
Maintenance Management Specialists

Upcoming Courses and Programs

Excel 2013:

  • 5 sessions totaling 14 hours of interactive online training
  • Learn how to utilize:
    • The new Flash Fill Tool
    • Recommended Charts
    • Quick Analysis Tool
Contact Lorraine MacDonald to register at 905-575-2534 or

Date & Location 

Students who successfully complete this program will receive three point five (3.5) Ministry of the Environment, Director-Approved, Continuing Education Units.
Prepare to write the American Water Works Association (OWWA) "Cross Connection Control Specialist" certification exam (administered at the end of the course).
September 12-16, 2016

Location: Mohawk College, Stoney Creek Campus

For details, contact:

Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534

A 2 day course to recertify you as a "Backflow/Cross Connection Control Tester".
October 6 & 7, 2016

Location: Mohawk College, Stoney Creek Campus

For details, contact:

Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534
MMP program provides training and accreditation
to those aspiring to, or already in, maintenance management or supervisory positions. Certified
MMPs are qualified to provide cost effective management of a business's physical assets.
MMP01: August 20 & 21, 2016

MMP03: September 24 & October 1, 8, 15, 2016

MMP02: October 22, 29 & November 5, 12, 2016

MMP07: November 19, 26 & December 3, 10, 2016

Location: Mohawk College, Stoney Creek Campus
For details, contact:

Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534

This program helps prepare new or existing leaders in the private and public sectors for the future. We focus on essential leadership skills that will help advance participants in their career, as well as move your organization forward. 

Starts September 15, 2016
Runs one day a month for 8 months

Location: Mohawk College, Stoney Creek Campus
For details, contact:

Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534

This program takes your FRL Level 1 graduates to the next level of leadership  learning.  
Offered by cohort only, not open seat.
Ask us for a detailed course outline.
Like Future Ready Leadership Level 1, this program is fully customizable. 

For details, contact:

Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534
Coming this Fall

Emergency Operations Centre and Site Management (EOM) 

October 2016
Location: Mohawk College, Fennell Campus, Hamilton

This version of our EOM program will be customized for an academic audience. 

For details, contact:

Kris Michailow
905 517 1676
Keep up with industry demands in an ever changing and competitive market by providing your employees with this high- impact, customized welding program. 

Quickstart Welding Program
Quickstart Welding Program

Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534

Tips on Building Trust   

  1. Trust Be honest. Don't withhold information. Admit to your mistakes; even if it's to your disadvantage. If you show you're accountable, people will not only be more willing to trust you, they will respect you.
  2. Build strong relationships with your co-workers. Take time to talk about your life outside of work with others. People are more likely to trust someone they know rather than someone they know of.
  3. Keep your word. If you break someone's trust, it takes twice as long to re-build it.
  4. Be consistent with your words and actions. People tend to stay away from those who are unpredictable.
  5. Watch this video on Covey's Emotional Bank Account.
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