As we move forward in 2018, I hope to see the old fashion traditional performance management process in my rear view mirror. I want to drive towards a new innovative approach that meets the needs of all generations. Regardless of your generation, I think four things ring true: Performance management should be about continuous improvement, there should never be any surprises, feedback should be given in a positive way, and achievements should be recognized all year. Sticking with the old formal annual review process could be a detriment to your organization. I believe that flexible work arrangements, work life balance and meaningful work are trumping salaries in importance and as a result, your performance management process needs to align with these new approaches to work. Performance management is no longer just about striving to exceed professional goals.

At MCE we are moving in the direction of replacing our traditional performance management process with more of a mentoring relationship consisting of open dialogue with regular touch points. Our process is a continuous one that supports both professional and personal goals including health and wellness and work life balance. Our goal is to continue to retain and engage all generations of employees; we believe each generation plays a significant role in our success. If your organization is looking to implement a new performance management system in the coming months, stay tuned to hear when we are ready to present our new PM system as part of our HR Support Services division.

Carrie Deon
Human Resources Generalist