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July 2016
Message from The President & CEO
"Don't worry about what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive and do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive." ~Howard Thurman
When I was working at Bell in the earlier part of my career, our then President introduced a set of values that included one called "passionate intensity". Although it was one of five, it was the value that resonated with me the most. To me, it meant loving what you do so much that it becomes a passion, throwing yourself into your work with strength and commitment and always having the energy to go that extra mile. This value was, and still is, a key driver for me regardless of the position I held; working in my own business or working for someone else.
If you are in customer service (and who isn't?), it is about having the drive and determination to do what is best for your customer, making things right if, and when they go wrong and most importantly, putting the relationship above the dollars.   
Find your passion If you lead people, it is about the relentless pursuit to guide, encourage and be a role model so they can achieve their best self; including their personal and professional goals. Being a leader is not just about business.
If you are a sales person, passionate intensity is about learning everything you can about your products and services and truly believing that they will have a positive impact on your customer's life. It's about really getting to know and understand your customer and wanting to go above and beyond to serve them. Yes, it is about serving over selling.   
If you are looking for a job or thinking of changing careers, follow your passion and not the money. We have all heard the saying that if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. I also believe that if you do it with passionate intensity, the opportunities will follow.      
I have been blessed. Yes, I held positions that I did not like and were not really a fit. For example, I was a manager in "facilities" while at Bell. This involved collecting data on the switching components in the central offices; calculating how many local and long distance calls went through the various components of step by step, cross bar and eventually DMS switching systems. My job was to analyze the data and predict when the equipment would have to be replaced. For those of you that know me, you know this was not a job I looked forward to going to every day, but I did, and I did it with as much passionate intensity as I could muster. This led to a transfer to a position in training and development. The rest is history!  Sometimes it takes a few of those jobs to find your true passion. 
My advice to you, should you decide to take it, is to find out what your passion is. Next, build a plan to find work that satisfies that passion and makes you come alive.  But in the meantime, if you are in a job that doesn't fulfill you, do that job with passionate intensity and see where it leads. You may be surprised by the outcome.   


Audie McCarthy
President & CEO, Mohawk College Enterprise
P.S. Keep reading for tips on finding your passion.   
MCE  Announcements  and  Events

MCE and the City of Burlington made the Burlington Economic Development newsletter! Here is a segment from the City of Burlington's Economic Development May-June E-Newsletter:

"The City of Burlington selected fifteen employees to participate in Mohawk College Enterprise's (MCE) Future Ready Leadership program.The MCE Program helps the City of Burlington participants better prepare the city with skills and expertise required to succeed in today's fast-paced world. MCE highlights the importance in developing and investing in human capital."

Future Ready Leadership

Congratulations to InvestorCOM FRL participants on completing Day 3 of your Future Ready Leadership journey. The picture above is of the participants completing the "Big Skis" activity.
Welcome County of Simcoe - Social Services - Impactful Leadership
We would like to welcome our newest client, County of Simcoe. 38 employees from various departments recently completed a one-day workshop on Impactful Leadership. Congratulations to these employees and thank you for all of the great feedback!

 "The MCE Future Ready Leadership (FRL) course was one of the most worthwhile courses PHRI has ever given me the opportunity to attend.  I reference the course teachings frequently and try to implement tools and processes learned as much as possible in my projects and teams.  I can also say that at group meetings with other FRL'ers, people are implementing the learnings from the course too."
- Alex Grinvalds
Research Coordinator, PHRI

Upcoming Courses and Programs

Date & Location 

Students who successfully complete this program will receive three point five (3.5) Ministry of the Environment, Director-Approved, Continuing Education Units.
Prepare to write the American Water Works Association (OWWA) "Cross Connection Control Specialist" certification exam (administered at the end of the course).
September 12-16, 2016

Location: Mohawk College, Stoney Creek Campus

For details, contact:

Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534

A 2 day course to recertify you as a "Backflow/Cross Connection Control Tester".
October 6 & 7, 2016

Location: Mohawk College, Stoney Creek Campus

For details, contact:

Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534
MMP program provides training and accreditation
to those aspiring to, or already in, maintenance management or supervisory positions. Certified
MMPs are qualified to provide cost effective management of a business's physical assets.
MMP01: August 20 & 21, 2016

MMP03: September 24 & October 1, 8, 15, 2016

MMP02: October 22, 29 & November 5, 12, 2016

MMP07: November 19, 26 & December 3, 10, 2016

Location: Mohawk College, Stoney Creek Campus
For details, contact:

Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534

This program helps prepare new or existing leaders in the private and public sectors for the future. We focus on essential leadership skills that will help advance participants in their career, as well as move your organization forward. 

Contact us to customize this program for your employees.
For details, contact:

Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534

This program takes your FRL Level 1 graduates to the next level of leadership  learning.  
Offered by cohort only, not open seat.
Ask us for a detailed course outline.
Like Future Ready Leadership Level 1, this program is fully customizable. 

For details, contact:

Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534
Coming this Fall

Emergency Operations Centre and Site Management (EOM) 

October 2016
Location: Mohawk College, Fennell Campus, Hamilton

This version of our EOM program will be customized for an academic audience. 

For details, contact:

Kris Michailow
905 517 1676
Keep up with industry demands in an ever changing and competitive market by providing your employees with this high- impact, customized welding program. 

Quickstart Welding Program
Quickstart Welding Program

Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534

Focus on what you love to do at work
Tips on Finding Your Passion  

  1. Very few people are lucky enough to find their passion in their first job - explore opportunities, try new things. 
  2. Think of past positions or jobs you have held. What did you love about them? What do you hope you never have to do again? Keep this list handy and refer to it when pursuing your next opportunity.
  3. Don't be afraid to go after what you want. Sometimes this involves taking risks.
  4. Read this article - the author says it better than I could! 
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