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June 2016
Message from The President & CEO
Exactly a year ago, I wrote an article for The Hamilton Spectator entitled "How to Build a Leader". In it, I mentioned three qualities I feel are essential to being an effective leader; superb communication skills, integrity and passion. There is a lot written on communication skills; all leadership training touches on it. So for today, I'd like to focus on integrity. Next month, we'll look at passion.

Integrity The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines integrity as " the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness; the state of being whole and undivided." Having integrity means doing the right thing in the right way. This, I believe, is the result of choice - choosing to live your life according to a personal code of honour. Defining values that you will live by and not compromise on.
So why is this important for a leader? Once employees understand your value system, it provides them with a sense of consistency. They will know how you will respond to certain situations. They will also know how you expect them to respond. Employees, as well as coworkers, will be drawn to you because you are dependable.
It's about not only understanding right from wrong, but demonstrating it. Leading by example, not tolerating actions that violate company or personal values, following through on promises and not blindsiding others with critical decisions - these are all examples of integrity.
How does your workplace hold up? 

Audie McCarthy
President & CEO, Mohawk College Enterprise
P.S. Keep reading for Tips on Creating a Workplace of Integrity 
MCE  Announcements  and  Events

Last month we featured videos from some of our April Future Ready Leadership graduates. Here is a couple more. Congratulations Gravenhurst, District of Muskoka, Bracebridge and Oxford graduates! Click below to see them for yourself!
Thank you to Denniger's Foods of the World for continuing your leadership journey with MCE.
"Denninger's recently completed a two-day Essential Skills for Managers training course at Mohawk College Enterprise (MCE). The investment in training and development was identified by CEO, Mary  Aduckiewicz and Regional Manager, Andrew Laurat as an integral piece of long-term success for the specialty foods retailer. The program was customized and delivered to help build from the existing skills of the 25 managers and was delivered on two consecutive Mondays. The flexible delivery schedule is another way MCE works with its clients to maximize their training potential."  

Megan Boehm , Administrative Assistant to MCE's President & CEO, is now a member of the Association of Administrative Assistants - Hamilton Branch. ( ) Megan joined MCE in January of this year. In a very short period of time, she has proven to be an integral part of the MCE team supporting not only Audie, but the whole team. This membership will allow her to continue her professional development while networking with her peer group. Megan is also participating in our Future Ready Leadership program.  

Upcoming Courses and Programs

Date & Location 

This program helps prepare new or existing leaders in the private and public sectors for the future. We focus on essential leadership skills that will help advance participants in their career, as well as move your organization forward. 

Contact us to customize this program for your employees.
For details, contact:

Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534

This program takes your FRL Level 1 graduates to the next level of leadership  learning.  
Offered by cohort only, not open seat.
Ask us for a detailed course outline.
Like Future Ready Leadership Level 1, this program is fully customizable. 

For details, contact:

Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534

Coming this Fall

Emergency Operations Centre and Site Management (EOM) 

October 2016
Location: Mohawk College, Fennell Campus, Hamilton

This version of our EOM program will be customized for an academic audience. 

For details, contact:

Kris Michailow
905 517 1676
Keep up with industry demands in an ever changing and competitive market by providing your employees with this high- impact, customized welding program. 

Quickstart Welding Program
Quickstart Welding Program

Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534

Customer Service
Tips on Creating a Workplace of Integrity

1. Start with values. Most organizations have a set of corporate values.
  • If yours does, then this part is easy. Talk to your team often about how the values fit with your department, what the corresponding behaviour looks like and how they are being demonstrated in the workplace. 
  • If your organization doesn't have established values, then create them with your team. Allowing them to have input will go a long way in helping to understand what is important to them. It will also ensure greater alignment.
2. Develop standards or processes reflective of your values.  For example, customer service standards should mirror your values. Your value may be "respect"; your customer service standard could be "respect each and every customer by treating them as you would like to be treated."   

3. Hire based on values. Ask value-based questions during the interview and reference checks.

4. Follow through by including a discussion on values periodically at team meetings and during performance evaluations. Ask your employees how they have demonstrated the values lately.


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