Message from the President & CEO
There’s a borough in the City of Montreal called Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie. As you wander through the streets you will see the orange and blue lines of the Montreal Metro and the dangerous intersection called the “tunnel de morte”. You may visit the Jean-Talon Market or stroll through the Olympic Village.  

What you might not notice right away is the 100 ruelles verte “green laneways” that pepper the city. These greenways have been “given over” to the residents of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie. The residents determine how they will be used and are responsible for managing them. Some have developed into gardens, others play areas and still others serve as a place to display local art. 

This is one example Sam Laban, facilitator Guelph Lab, writes about in his article “Trusting Residents” in this month’s Municipal World. What else could happen if municipal leaders trusted residents? 

What could happen if all leaders trusted their employees? Or, if all employees trusted their leaders? What if coworkers truly trusted each other?

The possibilities are endless. Take a minute and imagine what your work place would look like. 

Productivity and efficiency would certainly escalate. People wouldn’t judge each other or question decisions. They could depend on each other. They could, and would, build strong relationships.  

So how do we get there? Let’s start with the three “A’s” - authenticity, availability and accountability. If each of us could be “real”, be available when needed and take responsibility for our words and actions, we would have a very strong base for building trust.
For more tips on building trust, please go to our YouTube channel and watch this short video .

Audie McCarthy
President & CEO
What You Tell Us. Your Testimonial Stands Out!
"The Future Ready Leadership program was an amazing opportunity to gain practice and confidence in a variety of leadership skills in a safe environment, led by outstanding facilitators, Jack and Sandra. As former Director of HR, MCE staff were always great to work with and always willing to adapt or customize the training to suit our organization’s needs."

 Cindy Stevenson, General Manager of Community and Protective Services, County of Brant
Cindy Stevenson was a previous graduate of FRL in 2013-14 with County of Brant and recently took on the new role of General Manager of Community and Protective Services. Previously, Cindy was the Director of Human Resources. Congrats Cindy!
Karen Dropko was also a previous graduate of FRL in 2014-15 with the County of Brant. Karen recently took on the new role of Director of Human Resources. Previously, Karen was Coordinator of Human Resources. Congrats Karen!
Audie had the pleasure of facilitating a networking workshop for Newcomer Centre of Peel (NCP) on March 7. This was in support of their Rural Employment Initiative (REI) which helps newcomers find jobs and relocate to northern Ontario. So far they have relocated 45 families!
HR Corner:
5 Tried & True Recruitment Tips That Lead to a Better Hire
One popular topic is how organizations should conduct their recruitment process and how they can better attract and retain top talent. While there are always new and emerging trends, certain concepts continue to ring true. Solid recruiting practices will result in a more positive experience for both the new candidate and existing employees; there will be a better chance of retention, as well as finding a sound cultural fit. There are five areas I think can best achieve this.

  1. Create a Detailed Job Post and Job Description: A comprehensive job description provides a great basis to create a detailed job post. The post should include things like start date, hours of work and salary, as well as thorough details of job responsibilities and expected qualifications. This will help candidates understand the expectations for the position.
  2. Prepare Relevant, Quality Questions: Behaviourally anchored interviews with scoring are effective because they connect to competencies and organizational goals. The scoring system allows you to rate potential candidates on a continuum of expected answers and compare all candidates on a level field. Questions are designed to look at past behaviour which we know are good predictors of future behaviour. This gives you a better idea of the type of performance you can expect.
  3. Use Panel Hiring: Multiple ears, differing ideas and open discussion leaves less of a chance for recruiter bias. It’s the different perceptions, views and opinions that generate detailed discussion. This can address certain biases such as confirmation bias which is the propensity for people to look for information that supports their own existing opinions. 
  4. Address Diversity: Utilize community services in your area that may have a diverse candidate pool. Think about calling your local employment agency for further information on attracting diverse candidates. Hiring people with different backgrounds will enrich your workplace culture and speak to your brand that supports and promotes inclusivity. 
  5. Have a Concrete Onboarding Process: Candidate experience is everything! Read more about this in April’s HR Corner that will talk about the importance of onboarding.

Please contact me if you are interested in hearing more about how MCE can help you with your recruiting or onboarding needs.

Carrie Deon
Human Resources Generalist
Trainer of the Month: Jack Grosvenor
Jack has led many successful organizational development and redesign initiatives for MCE. Jack’s employment experience includes many years with ArcelorMittal Dofasco as a change management and organizational development expert. In addition, he was a Human Resources Management and Business instructor at Mohawk College for more than 25 years. Jack’s inclusive leadership style has led him to partner with various private, public, non-profit, and academic organizations.

As one of the creators, lead designer and facilitator of MCE’s Future Ready Leadership Program for Emerging Leaders, Jack has brought his leadership development, team building, change management and impact communications experience to MCE clients for many years. Jack has facilitated numerous cohorts on MCE's behalf.

Jack has been an invaluable facilitator and advocate of the work MCE does. MCE would like to thank Jack for all that he has invested in the success of MCE and encourages him to continue to pursue success in all of life's ventures.
Course of the Month:
Executive Digital Literacy Series
MCE, in partnership with McMaster University and Mohawk College Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, and Next Generation Manufacturing Canada, is introducing a series of talks on Digital Literacy for executives in mid-size manufacturing companies. We encourage you to Save the Dates and register for these upcoming Innovative Technology Sessions. Find out from the experts what you should be doing to prepare your organization.

Big Data: The New Oil | Tuesday, April 23, 2019 | 8:30am - 12pm
Presented By: Jason Wilson, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Samuel, Son & Co., Limited

Cyber Security | Tuesday, May 28, 2019 | 8:30am - 12pm
Presented By: Angela McAllister, Academic Outreach and Engagement Canadian Centre for Cyber Security and Dr. Ali Ghorbani, Professor of Computer Science University of New Brunswick & Director of Canadian Institute for Cyber Security

Internet of Things & Robotics | Tuesday, June 11, 2019 | 8:30am - 12pm
Presented By: Asif Sharif, Senior Data Scientist in IoT / Machine Learning Practice at IBM 

Blockchain | Tuesday, June 25, 2019 | 8:30am - 12pm
Presented By: Zachary Skeith, Vice President Strategy, Three Lefts

Don't miss your opportunity to learn about practical, leading-edge examples and applications of the newest technology from leading industry experts. To find more information and to register, visit our Executive Digital Literacy Series page. All sessions held at TechPlace, 5500 North Service Road in Burlington.
For more information about our programs, contact:
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