Message from the President & CEO
Robert Kiyosaki, Investor, Entrepreneur, Financial Education Advocate and Author once said, 
“The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.”

I’d like to substitute a few of his words with a few of my own. I believe, “The most successful people in the world, (you don’t have to be rich to be successful), build relationships, often through networking. They seek first to help others and if they are authentic, success follows.” 

My definition of success starts with values. A few of my personal values are integrity, authenticity and servant leadership; do what you say you will do, be real/be yourself and be available to support and help others. These values cannot be demonstrated without involving others and involving others is the beginning of building relationships. Relationships are not built without effort and sometimes maintaining relationships takes even more effort. At the end of it all though, is where success lives.  

Success to me is knowing that I have stood solid in my beliefs, even when I have stood alone. It is being able to be myself and not pretend through actions or words that I am someone else. It is seeing others whom I have supported in some way, big or small, become stronger in themselves and confident in their journey to success as they define it.  
What drives your definition of success? Check off all that apply and add some of your own. 

Audie McCarthy
President & CEO
What You Tell Us. Your Testimonial Stands Out!
"In early 2018, Algoma engaged MCE to assist with skill development for our Supervisors and Managers. Their approach to meeting our needs was professional and very customer focused. During a 6 month period, we created and implemented a 5 module training program for 225 leaders. We were so delighted with the success of our Leadership Development Program, we engaged MCE to provide Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt training for 15 of our Professional and Technical Staff and a one day information session for 150 employees. Dianne Jones and Marci Ruhl are a pleasure to work with, the Facilitators are experienced, knowledgeable and engaging. We look forward to working with MCE on future projects."

Terry Scott, Manager Human Resources Programs, Algoma Steel Inc.
From the success of our 'Learning About Dementia Through Experiential Learning' comes an article and video that captures the day beautifully. We are looking forward to running more of these events and would love to customize one for you.
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HR Corner:
Effective Succession Management
Succession planning is an important component in every organization. It provides early detection of pivotal positions that will be opening up either through attrition or promotion and involves a strategic response to fill those positions in an efficient way. There are numerous benefits to having a solid succession plan.

  1. It can detect competency gaps early on: This allows time to develop a training plan to ensure candidates are ready and able to assume leadership positions. Assess the leadership competencies that are needed to successfully fill progressive positions and set out an action plan to develop the right skill set. This ensures the person is ready to step into the position when the time comes. 
  2. Identifies future leaders: It is important to ascertain which candidates share the values and have the aspiration to take on more advanced roles. Having early conversations around career development and interests will help pin point those who have an interest. If no such candidate exists internally then you are better prepared and have the time it takes to conduct a thorough external search.
  3. Avoids unnecessary disruptions in the workforce: Having vacant positions can be costly as well as disturbing to the majority. Workloads are often shifted, reporting structures could temporarily change and the anticipation of meeting someone new can cause uncertainty and in some cases fear of what the new relationship will look like. This speaks to the difficulties employees often have in coping with change. A solid succession plan leaves employees feeling supported and secured as they are aware and can prepare for the change.

Carrie Deon
Human Resources Generalist
Celebrating Our Trainers: Catherine McCullough
Catherine is an experienced workshop facilitator and executive coach who works with corporate clients and organizations on research-based leadership strategies aligned to the qualities of successful organizations. Catherine is an expert in the use of emotional intelligence strategies that develop group and personal leadership resources for increased success in working relationships.

Catherine has a Graduate level certificate in Executive Coaching through Fielding University, Emotional intelligence certification (EQi2.0 and EQi360), Prosci certification in Change Management. Catherine is currently facilitating the Leadership Acceleration program for the District of Muskoka.
Course of the Month: DL Series: Blockchain
Your last chance this summer to get in on the Digital Literacy Series. This time it's Blockchain, presented by Zachary Skeith of Three Lefts Inc.

A Blockchain is a time-stamped series of immutable record of data that is managed by a cluster of computers not owned by any entity. these blocks of data are secured and bound to each other using a cryptographic 'chain'.

Join the growing number of industry leaders that have achieved significant business benefits, including greater transparency, enhanced security, improved traceability, increased efficiency and speed of transactions, and reduced costs.

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