Message from the President & CEO
“People who fail to upgrade their skills will qualify for fewer jobs.”  Lauren Weber, The Wall Street Journal 

This was the main takeaway from a recent article in the Hamilton Spectator. It was also raised by Marvin Ryder, Associate Professor at McMaster University at a recent Stoney Creek Chamber event. As a corporate training provider that is a subsidiary of a college, we at MCE know this all too well. Whether you are talking about soft skills or hard skills, things they are a changing! 

The biggest change? Jobs that require both logic and creativity, both left brain and right brain thinking. Some of these jobs already exist. Burning Glass Technologies calls jobs that require skills that would not normally go together “hybrid jobs”. An example of this is jobs that require data analysis (left brain) and marketing (right brain). 

About a year ago, MCE developed a leadership model we called “The Right Brain Left Brain Leadership Model”. We were a little short on the creativity neurons that day! I wish we had thought of using the term “hybrid” because that is exactly what it is. Our model is based on the concept that in order to be an effective leader, problem solver and decision maker, you have to use both sides of your brain. You may go into a conversation, situation or debate with the type of thinking you were born with but if you want a positive outcome then you have to be open to and know when to switch sides. 

So whether you are in the job market or looking to improve your skills in your current role, give this short TEST a try. Find out whether you are right brained or left brained then look for activities and training that challenges you to use the other side! 

Audie McCarthy
President & CEO
What You Tell Us. Your Testimonial Stands Out!
Audie's workshops are a great experience for newcomers to Canada because she listens to their needs and tailors the content to help them achieve their networking for employment goals. She really is an exceptional facilitator because she offers support to participants outside of the classroom. She is willing to connect with them on LinkedIn and share her extensive network, and often continues to connect with and mentor participants long after the workshop has completed.

Gwen Zeldenrust, Learning Experience Designer, Mohawk College
MCE would like to welcome Lisa Dennie to the team. Lisa joins us as a part-time Instructional Designer. Lisa has had a long-standing career in developing learning strategy and design, as well as acting as a Training Consultant and Program Designer.
The MCE Team was honoured to be a part of the Jennifer Ashleigh Children's Charity bowl-a-thon on Saturday, February 9. Thank you to all our generous sponsors for making it happen!
HR Corner:
The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has a broad definition ranging from Human Rights to environmental sustainability to volunteering in the community. It can be used as a management tool for a variety of strategic reasons, such as building a reputation, positioning an organization advantageously, or simply to have a positive impact on the community. While all areas of CSR are important, I think that volunteering and giving back to the community is an area that has many benefits. So, why should an organization give back to the community? The following are activities that fall under CSR;

  • CSR can improve public image and your brand. It is important for organizations to have a positive public image as this can increase business and potential clientele. People want to do business with organizations that are socially conscious. This demonstrates a commitment to more than just the business itself but a commitment to making society a better place.
  • CSR can increase employee engagement. It can support both personal and professional development through learning new skills and experiencing new opportunities in the community. Providing employees with the opportunity to engage in activities they are passionate about intensifies overall workplace satisfaction and can increase loyalty and retention.
  • CSR increases the talent pool. A recent poll found that given the choice, 68% of Canadians would choose a job with a company that has a strong volunteering culture over one that does not. This is particularly true of the millennial generation who want to volunteer and feel a part of a larger purpose. The same article mentioned that two-thirds of the young professionals surveyed by Cone Communications said they would not work for companies that didn’t have strong volunteer programs.   

MCE supports CSR and encourages staff to be engaged in the community. Some organizations that MCE employees are affiliated with include The Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity, CIBC Run for the Cure, AMICA Senior Living, Lake Association in Huntsville, Glen Morris Central School, Stoney Creek Rotary, Alternatives for Youth, and a variety of Chambers and Human Resources Professional Associations. Our commitment to CSR demonstrates not only a loyalty and care for our local community but also a desire to be connected with local businesses and associations. 

Carrie Deon
Human Resources Generalist
Trainer of the Month: Patrick Draper
MCE would like to welcome Patrick Draper to the team. Patrick joins us as the newest trainer to facilitate a future Building Relationships with Council course.

Patrick takes pride in developing leadership teams, creating long term community visions and strategic plans, building regional partnerships and designing innovative economic growth programs. Patrick received certification as a Leadership Coach and has held leadership roles as a municipal City Manager/CAO, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and President in the consumer products industry.
Course of the Month:
Spring Learning: Creating & Keeping Loyal Customers
At MCE, we encourage planning ahead to meet your training needs. Our Business Development Officer for businesses north of Toronto, Dianne Jones, will be offering a Spring Learning: Creating & Keeping Loyal Customers course for business owners and operators.

The Creating & Keeping Loyal Customers course is designed to improve the customer experience through application of effective interpersonal skills. This highly interactive course will teach employer’s how their employees can project a professional image while utilizing customer service techniques and tools to become Customer Service Ambassadors in their community. 

Interested businesses are encouraged to contact Dianne to coordinate a customized course to meet your needs in time for spring/summer business.
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