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October 2017
Message from the President & CEO

Audie McCarthy
One of the trends I've noticed lately is what almost seems like a renewed interest in Lean Six Sigma (LSS) training.

Years ago, the late management guru, Peter Drucker, wrote:

"Continuous improvement is considered a Japanese invention - the Japanese call it Kaizen. But in fact it was used almost 90 years ago, and in the United States. From the First World War until the early '80s, when it was dissolved, the Bell Telephone System applied "continuous improvement" to every one of its activities and processes, whether it was installing a telephone in a home or manufacturing switch gear..."

Six Sigma In other sources, Motorola is credited with the development of LSS in 1986, and I believe most of us are familiar with Toyota and its lean production methods.

LSS has stood the test of time and there is good reason for that. Not only do well trained LSS "belts" get real work done by driving projects throughout organizations, but the LSS process results in the development of strong, effective employees. Because the idea behind LSS is getting those people involved who actually do the work, this professional development extends from the frontline worker right on up to the CEO of an organization. With cross-functional teams involved, teamwork across organizations and the breakdown of silos is an additional benefit as well.

One of the main benefits of executing LSS methodology is to increase efficiency in processes, which of course, results in increased production and overall profitability. While most of us think this only applies to manufacturers, the benefits of LSS extend to all sectors including government, healthcare and education.

Equally important, LSS improves transparency in an organization which ultimately builds trust.

For more information on our Lean Six Sigma program please click here .

For information on Company Trust, scroll down to our HR Corner. 

Audie McCarthy
President & CEO
MCE  Announcements  and  Events


Hamilton Economic Development  
Congratulations to our partner, the City of Hamilton, for another prestigious award!
Hamilton Economic Development won a national marketing award in September from the Economic Developers Association of Canada! Well done! 

Welcome Future Ready Leadership Participants

MCE wishes a warm welcome to all of the Future Ready Leadership participants who began their programs in September. We are excited to be working with both our new and returning organizations and municipalities; GT French, Orlick Industries, Niagara Region, Terra Greenhouses, Bullivant & Associates Inc., Mohawk College, District of Muskoka, Town of Bracebridge, Town of Gravenhurst, County of Simcoe, City of Brantford, Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation, County of Brant, Town of Ingersoll, Town of Tillsonburg, Township of Southwold, Norfolk County, Haldimand County and Six Nations Health Services. 

Future Ready Future Ready Future Ready


Company Trust - "To Trust or not to Trust"

Trust or not to trust To build on last month's topic about flexible work arrangements, it is important to cover the topic of company trust as they often go hand-in-hand. Trust between an employer and employee is a fundamental, and sometimes complicated, component of any organization. This is particularly true when your employees may be exercising work from home options; is this based on the "honour system" or do you track every hour? The question becomes, how does an organization build trust in the workforce to allow for a level of autonomy? It starts with management demonstrating the desired behaviours that establish trust in the first place. Integrity and accountability build confidence and clear communication. Additionally, by setting well defined expectations, you can solidify an open and honest relationship. In the absence of trust, morale and productivity can suffer. This can result in a dissatisfied and less engaged workforce . In this Globe and Mail article , T elus Corporation says  it is important to be selective of which employees will be offered flexible options, ensure that there are no known performance issues, focus on productivity and remember that not everyone needs to be working from home. I encourage you to read this article.

Carrie Deon
Human Resources Generalist, MCE


Course of the Month

Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt Certification

Duration:   10 Days plus coaching and project work

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification program will benefit participants by providing them with a functional understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles and methods. An overview of the Lean Six Sigma process highlights the key tools and practices so the participant can effectively contribute in a facilitated group setting. Practical in-class examples, coaching and project work will demonstrate the effectiveness of Lean Six Sigma in the workplace and help develop a deeper understanding of Lean Six Sigma methodology.
Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  1. Apply the DMAIC process (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) to actual projects selected from within their organization, resulting in a return on investment through increased operational efficiency. 
  2. Manage project teams while meeting the needs of the project champion and other stakeholders.  
  3. Learn and utilize brainstorming and problem-solving tools that can be used in class, but also in other aspects of their work.

Coming Soon!

We are always adding new courses to our portfolio! Check out our  Coming Soon brochure to see what we are working on now for late 2017 and early 2018 deliveries. Courses include:
  • Customer Service Certification
  • Finance for the Non-Financial Manager
  • Building Relationships with Council
  • Communicating with the Media
  • Indigenous Culture Training
  • Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Training
  • AVID Media Certification

Date & Location 
For more information contact:

Essentials (5 days)
Level 1 (8 days)
Level 2 (6 days)
Executive (4 days) 

Ask us about delivering any of these programs at our location or yours!  

Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534

Testing takes place on one to two Sundays per month at Mohawk College's Fennell Campus. Please visit our website or contact us for upcoming test dates.
Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534

Students who successfully complete this program will receive three point five (3.5) Ministry of the Environment, Director-Approved, Continuing Education Units.
Prepare to write the American Water Works Association (OWWA) "Cross Connection Control Specialist" certification exam (administered at the end of the course).
November 27, 2017 - December 5, 2017

Location: Mohawk College, 
Stoney Creek Campus

Note: If you have 16 employees who require Cross Connection Backflow Prevention Certification training, we will come to you!

Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534

A two day course to recertify you as a "Backflow/Cross Connection Control Tester".

Please Contact 

Location: Mohawk College, 
Stoney Creek Campus

Note: If you have 16 employees who require Cross Connection Backflow Prevention Recertification training, we will come to you
Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534
Earn CWB welding tickets in this "hands on" program. Starts every Monday and runs for 24 weeks.    


Contact us for details!

Lorraine MacDonald
905 575 2534


Tips for Building Trust 

1. Trust others.
2. Build mutually beneficial relationships.
3. Be transparent.
4. Do what you say you are going to do.
5. Communicate, communicate, communicate!