APRIL 2021
It gives MCI Diagnostic Center great pleasure to welcome everyone back for another great year. We are all excited to have all the centers start back. It is MCI's mission to support and help every center with there testing needs.

Starting the New Year of 2021, MCI Diagnostic Center would like to inform you of a change in our business address. We will continue to have a footprint in The Great State of Oklahoma.

Our New Location is:
MCI Diagnostic Center, 1155 Kas Drive, Ste. 180, Richardson, TX 75081

As many of you have already received the updated FedEx Return Labels with the new address for specimen shipments. If you have not received the updated FedEx Return Labels, please let us know and we will promptly supply.

Please make a note of the address change for our records. We look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

Collection & Training Resources
To ensure specimen processing are fully captured and to streamline the ordering process for the Job Corps Sites, we have established a resource page on our website specific for the Office of Job Corps, Health and Wellness centers.

Supply and Logisitcs
We believe in providing the proper collection devices to produce accurate test results.

Any facilities that are in need of supplies, please submit your request to our Supply and Logistics team at info@mcidiagnostics.com.

Supplies will be shipped and process accordingly once received. Process time will be three (3) business days.
Specimen Transportation
Our laboratory takes great pride in making sure specimens are received at our laboratory in a timely manner and to not compromise the integrity of the specimens.

To achieve and ensure all specimens are received within the stability time frame, all transport personnel need to follow the proper protocol for specimen storage requirements for all laboratory specimens while in-transit.
STEP 1: Specimen Labeling
Patient name or identifier on the specimen(s) must match exactly the name or identifier on the order form or requisition. Test results may be delayed if labeling discrepancies occur.
STEP 2: Individual patient samples
It is important to properly place individual patient samples into a specimen bio-hazard zip-lock bag per patient. This helps streamline the pre-analytical and analytical stages once specimens are received to produce results within the turnaround time per test.
STEP 2: Courier Clinical Pak
Place individual packed bio-hazard zip-lock bag (per patient) and cold packs into FedEx Clinical Paks/UPS Laboratory Pak. Seal the clinical / laboratory pak.
STEP 3: Courier Clinical Boxes
Place individual sealed Clinical Paks into a clinical box.
Provided FedEx/UPS Return labels should be placed on each individual clinical box for send out to our laboratory for testing. If you do not have return labels, please contact customer services via email or phone. A return label will be provided for shipments.
MCI Customer Service
Customer Services
We are here and available with our team of experts to support and answer any questions and concerns.

Toll-Free (800) 364-7287

Email: info@mcidiagnostics.com