We are heading into March with our monthly events coming into play. The Special Olympics, and the Holy Cross Presidents Review for starters which we always support.  

     We will be looking for volunteers to be presenters for the Special Olympics on Sunday the 12th of March in uniform. We give medals to all the youngsters who participate in the games. They enjoy getting the medals but, are excited that they receive them from us Marines. The time of day for the different locations will be published when we get them.        On 31 March 2017 we will attend The Presidents Review, at Holy Cross College. We purchase a sword for a Marine Corps ROTC graduating student. We send a small group of Marines to make the presentation for which the recipient is very grateful.   

     Our entertainment chair Gina Laconte is doing an excellent job of securing events each weekend throughout this month and beyond. She has made great efforts in obtaining bigger following groups to perform, so that we can achieve the funds needed to replace the seawall.  

     The Golf committee is meeting this month to finalize our 2nd annual Tournament for this summer. The Tournament date this year will be 9 June 2017, so mark your calendar for another great time.  

      Bringing everyone up to date on the wall, we have had an onsite consultation with a past Corps of Engineer representative, our engineer and a contractor for securing the wall before we put the docks back in. We tossed around a few ideas including the sketch that was given to us for temporary fix. The wall committee along with our Past Commandant are having a meeting to review a temporary fix and replacing the wall. We feel as though we will have the funding this year. This is a work and process project and requires a sold solution and not a fly by night fix. We are putting a lot of behind the scenes time and effort to give the League a class A wall. We are dealing with the City of Worcester, Lake Com., Conservation Com. ,and Inspectors for this project. Protocalls have to be followed and that is what we are doing.  

    Also, this month is the Mass Pack Devil Dog Birthday Party celebrated at our Detachment on  26 March 2017, starting at 1300 [1PM]. Tickets are on sale for $15 per person for a gut busting meal and entertainment, and can be purchased thru Paul Manna at 508-596-4416, and the Leagues tel. 508-797-0141. All sales must be in by 20 March 2017.


Semper Fidelis
Franklin Peepas